Thanksgiving Week & Weekend Recap: Food AND Workouts!!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a thankFULL, happy, joyous Thanksgiving with your families!

Here is a recap of my wonderful days leading up, workouts, holiday, and weekend of Thanksgiving! I figured I would combine workouts and my Thanksgiving recap for a fun LONG post!!

I decided to stay at my parent’s house for a few days before Thanksgiving so I could help with the prep. On Sunday we did all the shopping and got all the goods we needed for the big day!



It was 70 degrees when I got out of school and although spin and the gym was on my agenda, I changed it and went for a 6 mile run instead! For some reason, my legs were kinda heavy and it was veryyy dark out and I ran up and down a bunch of hills so my pace was way slower than normal. But it’s all good, I took advantage of the weather and got to relieve some stress and got some good thinking time in.


Food Prep:

 I prepped my Onion Dip and my cheese ball!

Onion Dip Recipe-From

 I have been making this dip for years (I don’t make the Pita Crisps) and I know this recipe like the back of my hand. I serve it with Salt & Pepper Potato Chips- such a great recipe. (I mixed the onions with the Crème Fraiche the day before Thanksgiving).

IMG_7241 IMG_7242


image5 image6

image2 FullSizeRender

Cheese Ball- Adapted From

 This is another dip I have been making for years. I have done it with fig and made it a football for the Super Bowl and other variations. This year I used Goat Cheese instead, I also mixed in the dates and walnuts inside the Cheese Ball and I just used regular milk since I didn’t have buttermilk on hand. (I also did the outside coating on the day of Thanksgiving).

image51 IMG_7244




Since I am being more flexible and changing it up, I went to the gym to do my full body workout and I took a 5:30 spin class that I never took before.

For some reason the whole time I was looking at the clock especially since she had us on a heavy hill for most of the ride. I then thought about my students and how I always post our daily schedule to relieve any anxiety about the day. I then realized that my amazing Friday night teacher ALWAYS tells us how the ride will go and always tells us the time of our sprints, etc. It occurred to me that good teaching is good teaching- no matter what you are teaching!

Food Prep:

 I made this new-to-me Butternut Squash Dip and Prepped the Crust for my pie!

 Butternut Squash Dip- From

 The only thing I did different was cook the squash and garlic on the stove rather than roasting it. This was SO delicious and when I tasted it warm it gave me the idea for a lasagna or a ravioli filling- I need to try that soon!

image52 image4


Pie Crust- From

Be careful when following this recipe, they forgot to put that you need to add the sugar with the dry ingredients in the directions so I didn’t put it in and I had to throw out my first batch and start over!



 Since it was going to snow and I knew I needed to be home to get my baking done so I joined the 5:30am workout club! I got in a great hour long full body weight lifting workout and felt amazing!!

 Food Prep:

 I got home for work early because it was a half-day, so I came home (in the snow) and got to work on finishing up everything!

I baked these Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies-


IMG_7262 IMG_7263

The one thing I would say is that these cookies stayed moist even overnight, maybe because of the pumpkin? I like my cookies to get crisp so these were OK in my book but not amazing.

I then baked the crust. Since it was my first pie to bake ever I really didn’t know what I was doing. The Martha Stewart website is not super informative so I was confused about why it had me separate the dough into two disks. I ended up putting them together, which made for a super thick crust. Oops haha, that is how you learn- I wouldn’t do that again next time.

Here are some pics of the baking process of the crust.

image1 IMG_7265 image3

Here are some pics of making the filling:

IMG_7261 image7 image2

And voila!!!


Thursday- Thanksgiving!!

Since it snowed a lot the day before my friend and I decided that it wouldn’t be smart to run at the park that we planned on running since it probably wouldn’t be shoveled. So we went up to the town where we work since we knew they were having a 5k. We were gonna pay the 30 bucks and run it but we got there so early we just decided to do the loop of the 5k twice (plus a little more) and made our own 7 mile Turkey Trot! We had such a blast and it felt great to get a good sweat in before all the eating that day!!



 Here are the appetizers:





Def had some second helpings 😉


image6 image8


I had a cookie, some coconut custard pie and a cookie! There was caramel apple pie but I don’t like apple pie.




All in all, the pumpkin pie was very tasty! The crust was too thick but I still think it was delicious! I def need to try making another pie soon!

It was a great Thanksgiving! I enjoyed the day with my family, amazing food, and ended the night with a very full belly and my favorite Christmas movie EVER: Elf!



 Since I was at my parents and had my reunion later that night I couldn’t go to my normal Body Pump and Spin class so I took a Body Conditioning class which was like a weight lifting class with dumbbells then a crazy LONG spin class. The class was scheduled for 45 minutes but the woman kept it going for 70 minutes!!! I guess she wanted us to work off all the food we ate.

Then my family decorated our house for Christmas:


Leftovers Sandwich:


Since I can’t have cranberries I put grape jelly on the sandwich and I think it was a nice replacement.

Then I got dolled up for my 10 Year High School Reunion which was down in Hoboken:



Workout: I woke up and bundled up for a nice long run! 9 miles on a gorgeous morning! Like I said from last Weekly Workouts, I am trying to back off the mileage just a bit, 9 miles is still a long run, no need for a half marathon every weekend 🙂


Went out to an Asian Fusion place with my two best friends for dinner! No food pics, but it was delicious!


Started off the my active rest day with some foam rolling and a yoga class. Now just relaxing and blogging at my parents house for the day!

Phew what a post! I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving with your families!

Favorite thing you ate on Thanksgiving? I can’t answer that because it was everything!!



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