WIAW: The Week After Turkey Day!

Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying this WIAW!


I hope you enjoyed the recipes I posted from Thanksgiving! It was quite a delicious day. I really enjoy cooking for my family; it is fun and rewarding to see others enjoy your food!

Here are some eats from the week after Turkey Day! It’s so funny I have been reading a lot of great blog posts about how people say to enjoy the day and not beat yourself up for enjoying your favorite foods on a holiday. A lot of great posts also mentioned that just because you overeat on one day, it is ONE day and that the next days don’t mean you should deprive yourself of food because you had one too many slices of pie. I completely agree! I felt like this was one of the first Thanksgivings in awhile where I went in with a great mindset. I ate what I wanted, I did eat until I was stuffed, and I really didn’t feel guilty about it. The next days I even enjoyed leftovers and continued to fuel my body with the food it needed. We need to nourish our bodies and I would rather nourish it a little too much with those two slices of pie (especially my homemade pie 😉 ) than not nourish it enough and feel like crap about it!

Anyway, here are some of the great foods that I have been nourishing my body with this week!


 Cocoa peanut butter overnight oats with a banana on the side:


After my long run on Saturday, Eggy Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal:



 “Leftover Lunch:” Sautéed Kale with raisins, then all the veggies leftover from our appetizers, turkey and butternut squash.


Sautéed Kale with raisins, carrots and broccoli, with left over Turkey and a Sweet Potato on the side. I also used this new dressing that I found at Trader Joes, very delicious!

IMG_7364  IMG_7363

Sautéed Kale with raisins, carrots, endives with my leftover Butternut Squash Dip, cucumbers, and Tuna.


Salads prepped for this week: carrots, tomatoes, beets, pinto beans, avocado, chicken, and spinach.



 Leftovers Sandwich:


Turkey soup with crusty Italian Bread.


Meal prepped this week: Ground Turkey mixed with TJs Cowboy Caviar to make for burrito filling!

image3 IMG_7366

For the burritos I spread a Laughing Cow cheese on a TJs whole wheat wrap, put butter lettuce, the filling and voila (always served with a side of kale and roasted veggies).

IMG_7387 image1

The whole Meal Prep Haul:



Some Detour Smart Bars that came in the mail:


Grapes with Cottage Cheese


TJs Candy Cane Green tea (it is sooo good and decaf!)


A broiled Cookie Dough Quest Bar


That’s a wrap on all the great things I have been eating! Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating today!


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