Weekly Workouts: Running with Friends!

Hello Readers! Hope you have been enjoying this weekend! It was pretty rainy and cold here in NJ for most of the weekend so that wasn’t so fun for getting Christmas shopping done!

Here is a recap of all the great sweat sessions I had this week! Hope you all enjoyed your workouts!


 Full Body Workout plus 45 minute spin class!


 I met up with my crew for four miles of fun! The first two miles I ran with a guy who is pretty fast then the last two I stayed with the group listening to our fun music.



It was a gloomy day so I decided that I needed to get in a little cardio to bring out the endorphins to motivate me more before my full body weight lifting workout.

I tried this new machine at the gym:


It did the trick! Endorphins and sweat flowed from just 15 minutes on this (changing the resistance throughout it) and I was ready to LIFT!

I PRed in my lifting! I did 4 isolated bicep curls on each arm with 30 lbs.!! A guy made a comment to me asking if I was going to the gun show. Haha I guess I was!


I finally met up with the NY Instarunners in NYC! They do group runs in Central Park on Thursdays! We met up at the NY Running Co. in the Columbus Circle Mall, which has lockers for you to store your stuff! (I am SO going to use them more!)


We did one loop of Central Park (6 miles)! I for some reason stayed with the 9:15ish pace group and I was able to keep up with them. I got in quite the workout but it was so fun to run with people! I am so excited that I have met this group and continue to meet new people through running!!!


Body pump followed by the best spin class in town!



I had initially signed up for yoga and planned to make it an active rest day because I knew it was going to be rainy and gross. But when I woke up it wasn’t rainy just kind of damp but 45 degrees. I decided to go for it and knocked out 12 miles before the rain came. Totaling 22 miles this week. I am feeling good scaling back from 30 miles a week but still feeling strong!



Yoga for active rest day! The regular teacher was out but the sub was awesome! Love Sundays for stretching and foam rolling!


Favorite workout this week? Run in Central Park and Friday Night Spin!!


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