Weekly Workouts: Burpees and the NYC Christmas Tree!

Hello Readers and Happy Sunday! I hope you all enjoyed this weekend as much as I did! I hope you also had a great week filled with some fun workouts! Let’s backtrack and see what I was up to this week!


Since the weather for the whole week was going to be bad I decided to get my run in while it wasn’t snowing/raining. I did 5 miles right after school by my work. The problem is that it got dark + no sidewalks= anxious Andrea the whole run. This was not a time to clear my head, I literally kept dodging cars and feared for my life. Not doing that again, lesson learned. 


Since I normally do a full body workout (one exercise per muscle group) on Mondays plus Spin, I decided to do a routine that I would do on a Monday and instead of spin, I did burpees, kettle bell swings, and jumping jacks between each set to bring in the cardio. (I did not like the Tuesday spin teacher at all, so I couldn’t bring myself to that class again). 

I have to admit that first round of burpees were tough, but I did eventually get used to them. What a great way to get in some cardio in a short amount of time!!


Another crappy day out so I did my full body workout (no cardio) and felt great. I definitely felt sore the next day so I know I did something right! 🙂


The rain finally went away and I had 6 miles planned but it was so cold I was not motivated. So you know what motivated me? Hauling my butt into the city to meet up with the awesome NYC Instarunners! I stayed with the middle pace group and we ran at about 9:15-9:30 pace. Running with them really pushes me and motivates me to run well! I know I can’t get into the habit of going every Thursday ($, time, etc.) but I just have so much fun!!!

IMG_7483 IMG_7485


Body Pump plus the Best Spin Class in town! Seriously so motivated and I feel so great every time!! 



Finally the sun was out and the temps were in the high 30s!

Pre-run: legs up, coffee and a magazine:


I went out for a gorgeous 12 miler and felt amazing. I kept a great pace  The weather was just right for this time of year and I wouldn’t mind it staying like that for winter (I mean I wouldn’t mind the 50s but if it has to be cold, high 30s and sunny is do-able 🙂 )



Active Rest Day: I took an 85 minute yoga class (it was supposed to be 75 minutes) then walked all around NYC with my friend for our annual tree date! All that walking around was quite a nice amount of exercise and such a blast too!

image2 image1

Hope you all had a great week!!

What was your favorite workout? Thursday night’s run and my Active Rest Day walking around NYC!!


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