Weekly Workouts: Joining a Team!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am up super early because my mind is just racing and I can’t sleep. All good things, just thinking about everything that needs to get done for Christmas so my mind is constantly going through the to-do list. I am and always have been a worrier so when there is a lot going on, I get kinda stressed and anxious and just figure out how to deal. That is where exercise comes into play! As I said before, it’s a great stress reliever and I always feel more clear in my head after a workout.

Here is a recap of this past week:


Full Body Workout plus Spin


2 miles on my own plus 4 miles (in the rain) with my Tuesday night crew!



Full Body Workout, got in some good squats!ย 


5 miles with the NY Instarunners in Central Park. I ran with this guy that has been staying at my pace the past few times that I have gone. He is super fast (like 5 minute mile fast) and def holds back for me. However, he has amazing form and is really motivating to run with. We averaged an 8:55 pace!! I think I will consider that speed work! ๐Ÿ™‚


I also spoke to one of my friends from the group about officially joining the team! I am SO excited to have a team to train with and be part of. Everyone is so positive and motivating. No one is in competition and everyone just builds each other up. It’s also cool to be with people who kinda have a mild obsession with running too haha. We all kinda talk the same lingo and get each other. I am so happy to have met this group of awesome and positive people.



My amazing friend that I work out with on Friday nights got tanks made for us and our instructor that says “Eat, Sleep, PUMP, Repeat” because one of the songs for Body Pump isย “Eat, Sleep, RAVE, Repeat.” On the back it says “kneecaps, bellybutton, kneecaps and rise” because that is what our instructor says when we do dead lifts and rows! It was so thoughtful of him so we took some sweaty pics after body pump & spin!!ย 

IMG_7584 FullSizeRender IMG_7587ย image1


I decided that I hadn’t done a half marathon (on my own) since November since I have been having an “off season.” (By the way, backing of my mileage during the week has definitely been good on my body and mind. I don’t feel the pressure to get to 30ish miles per week and I still feel fantastic and energized with the 20-25 mileage weeks.)

Anyway- tangent, haha so I did one last half marathon for 2014. I think next week will be too crazy to get in that mileage so I wanted to do it while I could. The first half of the run, I was lingering between 10-10:30 pace just leisurely enjoying my run. Then at mile 6, something hit me and I was just all of the sudden FREEZING. My hands were frozen and I was like, damn, it’s cold out! When I realized I had at least another hour of running, I booked it! I started doing miles between 9-9:30 haha. It’s so funny, I am capable of running faster, it’s just sometimes I take it very leisurely, but if I push myself I can do it.ย 

It felt so great to finish that personal half marathon. Last year at this time, I was training for my first half (that I had to cancel because of my knee problems) and running was still foreign to me. In just a year I have learned SO much about it. Pacing, fueling, stretching, cross training, strength training. ย I feel SO blessed to have found this passion. It has made me such a happier person that appreciates and sees the beauty of our lives. I am so thankful to have made this turnaround in my life and I am looking forward to discovering even more beauty in this world through my new(ish) lifestyle.



I am going to a 75 minute Yoga class in a bit and plan to so some foam rolling beforehand for my Active Rest Day.

I hope you all had a great week of workouts. It’s going to be a crazy (yet FUN and amazing) Christmas week ahead and I will do my best to get some posts in of my great workouts and cooking/baking!!



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