Merry Christmas: Cookie Edition

Merry Belated Christmas Readers! I was way too busy cooking and baking to check in for WIAW, so sorry! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

Since I did a ton of cooking, baking, eating, and enjoying, I am going to break my posts into 2 or 3 to share all of the wonderful things that happened over the past few days!

On Sunday I had a Secret Santa to go to with all of my friends so I made my butternut squash dip (not pictured) and baked some Caramel Banana Muffins (I added in chocolate chips) from a mix that I got in my baking basket:

image9 IMG_7609

Monday night I baked these amazing pignoli cookies:








Voila- after!

They are a good chewy and almondy and amazing! (Side note- almond paste is very expensive! I had to buy a lot of it for these cookies and the cookies I will show in minute!)

Then I baked these Italian Wedding Cookies:

IMG_7630 image1

So buttery and almondy and delicious!

On Tuesday I began the daunting task of making these Rainbow Cookies:

image2 image3

Wednesday morning I finished them up (they needed to cool in the fridge overnight) and here is how they turned out:

image5 image4

I was VERY proud of myself for making these. They were a ton of work but totally worth it. Everyone loved them and appreciated them!!


Some of our Christmas Eve Desserts and our Hot Chocolate Bar!


Enjoying my goodies on Christmas Eve!


I always say that my baking basket has changed my life! I used to be terrified of baking and now I have made Rainbow Cookies!! It takes some patience, some support (my mom and dad haha) and some good recipes!

None of these cookies were made “healthy” but to me homemade, a few and recognizable ingredients is what makes them healthy. I know what went into them and they were made with some love. Now to me that’s what food should be all about. A time to celebrate and enjoy. Never feel guilty because you had some Christmas cookies, they are so worth it! I have definitely been enjoying my share! 🙂

What was your favorite Christmas Dessert? 

Did you bake anything fun? 


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