NYE Midnight Run Race Recap!

Happy New Year Everyone!! I hope you all had a great New Years!

This was one of the first years where I wasn’t dreading New Year’s Eve and I woke up the next day feeling great about life aka no hangover!

In the past I always went to a bar/party, spent way too much money, wore a dress that I would never wear again, and woke up feeling like crap the next day. I always (even when I enjoyed partying) dreaded going out on NYE for some reason. I just always hated the hype and anticipation to always be let down.

This year I talked to the lovely Jen earlier this year and we decided why not go for the the NYE Midnight Run in Central Park! I love running, I would rather be in my running clothes, and I would love to wake up feeling great for 2015- so it was a no brainer and we decided to do it!


I headed to Jen’s apartment a few hours before the race where I got to meet all her friends including her best friend!! 🙂 We ate some delicious apps (I seriously always say I could live on appetizers for the rest of my life) and played Cards Against Humanity. We had so much fun!!

Around 11ish we bundled up and headed down to Central Park. I was def feeling tired and when I saw all the crowds I was kinda feeling like, why did I sign up for this?

We tried looking for the NYInstarunners but it was just wayyy too crowded. People were pushing us and we just couldn’t really get over to the area that they were in.


We decided to head to the start at like 11:57 (haha we were very relaxed about this race) handed off our coats to John (Jen’s fiance and the best person ever for standing out in the cold holding our coats) and then we got in a “corral.” The fireworks went off to start the race:



That was SO cool! Like how amazing to have fireworks start your race. Right as we were about to start some man smashed a bag of pomegranate juice which kind of splashed on us and he told us it was good luck? I need to look into that…. haha.

Then we were off! I could not feel my toes for a little bit but then I started to warm up. I had on 3 layers on top plus my scarf, my new Lululemon pants, two pairs of socks, my headband, hat, and gloves AND hand warmers. I def warmed up as we were running and I felt totally fine- I actually started to feel a little too warm and unflapped my gloves! Love how running just heats your body up!

We talked the whole time and just enjoyed running a race at midnight! It was such a cool experience and I am so glad I did it!!


The finish line!


Selfies at the end!


We did it!!

What an amazing NYE!! After that we got back on the train and headed up to her apartment to crash for the night! I was so thankful to stay over because trying to get back to Hoboken would have been an epic journey haha.

I woke up the next day feeling great unlike any other NYE in the past. I’m so happy that I have met an awesome friend like Jen and I look forward to growing our friendship in 2015!!

2015 is off to an amazing start and I look forward to all the wonderful things to come!!

Happy New Years!!!


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