Weekly Workouts: Week Off!

Happy Sunday everyone! Unfortunately this is the last day of my two week break. I have really enjoyed spending time with my family, celebrating the holidays, eating & cooking delicious food and getting in some great workouts. I kind of abandoned my “workout schedule” the past two weeks to have my workouts fit with my time off and everything that is going on. It’s good to change up routines and I had fun with it this week!


I went to the gym by my work/parents and did a full body lifting routine with 10 burpees in between each set- totaling 60 burpees!


Sporting my new Run, Rest, Repeat shirt that my friend bought me for Christmas!Β 

Later that evening I headed into the city to meet up the NYInstarunners for a group run to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree!


There was a HUGE group of us, it was so amazing to see how many people showed up! We maybe did 3 miles if that, it was a very stop and go run due to all the tourists, so it really was just a fun run, enjoying each other’s company and dodging tourists and cars! πŸ™‚



I took a morning spin class at the uptown NYSC, wasn’t the best spin class but it got the job done.

Then I went out for a 4 mile run with my Tuesday night crew. This was a tough run, it was cold and I was just tired. I was excited to be able to go out for dinner after with two girls from the group, I usually have to head home because I have work the next day. It was nice to be able to grab dinner and catch up!





Full body weight lifting at the gym while sneaking in 60 burpees!


4 mile NYE Midnight Run!



5k with negative splits to kick off the New Year!Β IMG_7787

I normally do not run that much in a row because I don’t want to get injured but I felt fine for all of my runs. I think that all the strength training I have done this past year has really paid off in keeping me stronger. I can feel the right muscles working when I run and my core is much stronger too. To think a year ago at this time I barely picked up a weight!


Body Pump + Sweaty Spin with the best teacher!!



Really great long run, I felt strong the whole time and kept a fast pace. I am definitely getting faster and it feels so amazing.


Foam Rolling + 75 Minute Vinyasa. I actually had a legit anxiety attack on my way to class, heavy breathing, about to cry and just totally overwhelmed by all my feelings. I was ready to leave but decided to give the class a chance to see if it would help and it did- thank goodness! I was able to calm down, stay present, and breathe. I occasionally get anxiety attacks from time to time (nothing too crazy) and I am happy to know that exercise can really help it.

Oh one more thing! I was at my favorite-place-in-the-whole-world-slash-I-lose-all-self-control-store: Target a few weeks ago and decided to pick up a 2015 planner so I could document all my workouts/training for the year. I want to see how many miles I log and be able to reflect on my marathon training.


I decorated the front! (The picture on the bottom right is of this cool training journal that I saw AFTER I bought this, so since I didn’t want to spend more money, I just printed out a picture of the cute cover!)

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1


Weekly Workouts + Monthly Calendar to see my mileage!

I also typically plan my workouts on my phone, so now I may pencil in my ideas and then write it what actually happened after!

How do you plan/document your workouts?

What calms your anxiety?

Favorite workout this week?Β 


2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: Week Off!

  1. FLRunnerBoy

    I document my runs via strava.com which is the software/program used by Soleus GPS watches but I’m also going back to good old pencil and paper for 2015 πŸ™‚

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