WIAW: Week Off Eats & Too Much Orange?

Happy WIAW Readers! Thanks Jenn for the Weekly Link-up! Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week!


Here are a bunch of pics from my eats from my week off! It’s nice to be able to sit down for meals with a plate rather than eating out of tupperware in 20 minutes while checking emails, etc.



This is my only breakfast pic from this week! Overnight Oats: smashed banana, oats, cocoa powder, milk, honey, chia seed, and peanut butter after a long run with my legs up!


A bunch of big salads:




(This is actually an egg scramble) 







Amazing New Years Dinner made by my dad: Steak, Yorkshire Pudding, Potatoes Au Gratin, and Red Cabbage.


My favorite Manhattan Salad from Grand Lux before a movie date with the fam to see Unbroken.

image11 image10 image12

Chinese Food Take-Out on a Rainy Night.

image9 image7

Stuffed Peppers and Meal Prep- prepped for this week.



I was extremely proud of myself for sneaking this into the movies: water, butter popcorn rice cakes, and Christmas M&Ms aka WAY cheaper than spending money for snacks at the movies!


Funfetti Cake at my Godson’s first birthday. SO FREAKING GOOD. I am not a huge cake person because it’s just too sweet but there is something about this cake that isn’t super sweet.



Deviled Eggs with Caviar on New Years Day- my family feeds me well!

That is a wrap up of my tasty eats during my week off!

On another note…..

I am looking at my food pics and my sister brought this too my attention (my friends also told me that I look tan) that I have an orange glow to me. My hands def kinda have that hue and my face does too I guess. SO- I think I am eating too much beta-carotene which is found in carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, etc. So after this week (since I really started to worry/notice about it after my food shopping) I am going to cut back on the orange foods.  I am going to try different veggies in my salads, try white/red potatoes, and hopefully this orange hue goes away. I think I may pay a visit to the doctor too, just to make sure I am okay.

Does anyone have any advice/more information on this? Ever turned orange from beta-carotene? 



4 thoughts on “WIAW: Week Off Eats & Too Much Orange?

  1. I don’t know much about Carotenosis, but I am definitely Google MD when it comes to anything wrong. I’d be comparing myself to pictures. Lol. You should definitely go to the doctor though, much safer than online diagnosis.

    Your food looks great though. 🙂 Good luck with the beta carotene thing.

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