Joe Kleinerman 10k Race Recap

Good Morning friends! I wanted to write this post yesterday but I was just so busy and exhausted so here ya go! I will write up a Weekly Workouts post too for this week!

This week was super busy and tough with the weather so by the time Friday rolled around I realized that I had this race on Saturday. I wasn’t super pumped because it was so cold but I wanted to run my first race of the year and I would like to try and run one race a month.

The night before I went to Jack Rabbit in Union Square to get a neck warmer because I knew it was an investment that had to be made. Then when I got home from the gym I got ALL my stuff together for the next morning. It’s so funny how in the winter you have 8 million more things to lay out than in the summer!

I woke up at 4:55 am and did my regular routine: shower, coffee, cookies & cream Quest Bar and an apple. I headed out the door by 5:55 to get a 6:12 train.


That is what I looked like! I had a big plastic bag left over from the NYE run so I realized that my big puffy coat would fit in it and since I had to pick up my bib that day I was planning to do a bag check so I figured why not stay warm and wear it.


Cold but pretty morning.

I got to Central Park around 7, I went to a Dunkin for a tea just to warm up a bit then headed to bib pick-up. After I got my bib I assessed my life haha. I took off my coat and added to my layers. I wore a tank, long sleeve Lululemon shirt, Running Sweatshirt, and a Running jacket. Two pairs of gloves with hand warmers. Compression Socks and regular tall socks. My new Brooks Glycerin 11s (literally the same blue pair I have, just new). My neck warmer. Ear warmer and hat. I took off my sweat pants that I had over my Lululemon running tights.

After I checked my bag I decided to run to the start for my warm up. At that point I could not feel my fingers or toes at all. I think it was like 18 degrees but felt like 7 and boy was it cold. My upper body wasn’t too bad it really was just my fingers and toes which makes sense because your blood is flowing to your vital organs to keep them working! ALSO my iPhone froze and I couldn’t text or do anything!

I got to my corral and I had my Gu Black Cherry Chomps and then they started the race!

I just kind of started running, I wasn’t thinking about my pace or anything because I was so damn cold. I just wanted to warm up!! Although I just kept in my head that my best 10k time was 59:24 and if I could beat that- awesome!

First Mile: 9:13. I felt like that was a great warm-up pace and knew that I would just naturally push it for the second mile because that’s how most of my runs go. Slower pace the first mile then I get comfortable and pick it up.

I felt really strong because I knew the course so well. I have been meeting up with the NYInstarunners and we have been doing this course! I knew where the hills were, when to push, when to catch my breathe and I just felt confident the whole race.

Mile 2-8:45

Mile 3- 8:30 (by here I was smiling and feeling so happy)

Mile 4- 8:36 (This mile I had to take off one pair of gloves and my hat)

Mile 5- 8:41

Mile 6-8:23 (I just kept telling myself you got this!)

Official NYRR time: 54:40 Average Pace: 8:48! HOLY PR!

I WAS SO EXCITED! I really think my training run with the NYIR really helped prepare me for this. I cannot believe I ran a 10k in under 55 minutes- who am I??


haha I look like a Ninja!

Last year I ran this race with knee pain and finished in 1:06:12. I remember feeling so dead after the race and in a ton of pain. It’s amazing how much can change in a year!!


I had a guy take my pic and he ended up being a reporter for NYRR so he interviewed me! You can see what I said here!

After that I took of ALL my top layers and put on the race shirt and put my sweat pants over my running tights. I did not want to get sick so I figured getting the wet clothes off would be the best decision.

Then I luckily ran into Jen after the race! We had plans to get brunch but our phones were frozen and we couldn’t contact each other! I was sooo happy I saw her!

We headed to Whole Foods to re-fuel and catch up! Always an awesome time with her!!!



What an awesome race, despite the temps! It really made me feel strong and proud of all the work I have put into running and fitness! I am so blessed to be able to run and experience these races, meeting awesome people and enjoy life! I LOVE that I get to run even in 18 degrees πŸ˜‰



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