Weekly Workouts: Dealing with the Weather

I hope you all enjoyed this weekend, mine flew by but it was awesome! This week was super rough weather wise so I had to make it work, switch workouts around and did what I had to do to get them in!


Monday seemed like it was going to be the warmest day of the week (mid 30s) so I decided to do a 6 mile run instead of going to the gym/spin.



My group run ended up being cancelled so I headed to the gym by work to do a full body workout and my own personal spin class! I wanted to Spin but the timing of the class didn’t work for me, so I went in the spin room, put on my music and made up my own class! I lasted for about 40 minutes which I was pretty proud of! I even did tabata rounds for a whole song! It didn’t compare to a Friday night spin class but I got sweaty and it did the trick!

IMG_7843 IMG_7845


The temps were in the 20s but I really wanted to get a run in. The sun was shining and I got home before it set so I decided to layer up and go for it! I made it 6 miles and felt freaking awesome for getting out there! Sometimes it is more in our minds that we can’t do things and if we can get past that, it feels amazing. I also had some support from a fellow NYInstarunner too! (Love this team!!)



Full Body Weight Lifting at the gym!


My fav teacher wasn’t there but I went to Body Pump and Spin anyway! Still got in a great sweat! The teacher did some interesting ab work on the bike and I def felt sore from it, I really liked trying something different!


PR at the Joe Kleinerman 10k!!


Total Rest Day. I wanted to go to yoga but the family needed me home early to help take down the Christmas Decorations, productive rest day! πŸ™‚

I hope you all had an awesome week of workouts! Let’s hope this week isn’t as challenging weather wise!Β 


5 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts: Dealing with the Weather

  1. FLRunnerBoy

    That’s one solid week and a PR to boot!!! Nice job!!! What’s your new PR time??? Love your beanies by the way πŸ™‚

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