Anti Gravity Yoga!

On Thursday night my friend and I headed to Crunch Fitness in the city on 38th St. to take an anti-gravity yoga class! My friend is a member there and could bring a guest for the night!

We got there earlier to do some lifting. It’s so funny, they have a DJ spinning as you work out. They try to make it like a club haha. It was just a little too overwhelming for me, I think I’ll stick to NYSC πŸ˜‰


After we lifted we headed to the Yoga Room! The girl measured the length of the sheets to make sure we were tall enough for them. Then we kinda hung on them and played around before the class started.


The girl who taught the class was so awesome! She recognized that we would be nervous and really talked us through the whole class. She started off by saying that we are always a work in progress and are never looking for perfection– I love that mantra so much and knew it was going to be a great class. Then we started off getting into a “cocoon” type space in the sheet which was so relaxing.

Then she had us hang upside down for 6 and a half minutes! At first I was really afraid of letting go of the sheet, so the teacher came over and showed me that it was ok! It was really liberating to have total trust in this sheet hanging from the ceiling to hold yourself.

After that we did a bunch of swinging, stretching out our legs, and just playing around! This class reminded me of hot yoga in the sense that you are so focused on the sheet (or the heat in hot yoga) that you have to be present and your mind can’t wander. We don’t always get the chance to be present these days so it’s totally refreshing to do that.





So much fun!! It was such a great experience and I am so glad that I did it!!!



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