Weekly Workouts and a Day of Rest for my Behind

Happy Sunday everyone! Here is a wrap up of the awesome workouts that I enjoyed this week!


We had an unexpected delayed opening so I headed to the gym before work. 45 minutes full body weight lifting plus 45 minutes of a homemade spin class. I followed along to a plan that I googled, put on my headphones and sweat it all out! LOVE getting workouts in, in the morning!




My group didn’t run again this week so I went out for 6 miles on my own. My left foot bothered me the whole time so it really slowed down my pace. I think it was because my shoes hit the 300-400 mile mark. It is so strange how all of the sudden they just stop working for you. Luckily I just recently bought a new pair of sneaks (the same blue Brooks Glycerin 11s that I run in). 


I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to run on Thursday so I decided to do a back to back running day. I don’t normally like to do this but I wanted to make it work. All of my strength training definitely helps so if I run back to back occasionally it’s not a big deal. I decided to finally put in some speed work! I ran 2.5 miles to warm up then headed to the only hill in Hoboken. I told myself I would run up the hill 6 times at a 9:00ish pace. I ended up running up the hill 8 times and felt awesome! I then ran home. Totaling 5 miles! My foot also was fine the whole time which shows you that my other shoes are done!


I officially paid for my entry to the TCS NYC Marathon!!! Class of 2015!!!


Lifting + Anti Gravity Yoga



My friend and I rocked our “Eat, Sleep, Pump, Repeat” Shirts for the release of Body Pump 92.


My thoughts on Body Pump 92: Great workout, especially the chest track- boyyyyyy was my chest was sore the next day! I hated the music, there was barely any songs to sing to, such a bummer!

Followed by the always amazing sweaty spin class!!


Although it was about 20 degrees the sun was shining and I was SOOO excited to go out for my long run. I’m such a dork but I literally get giddy thinking about going out for my long run. I love the whole experience of it all, drinking my coffee and enjoying a Quest Bar and Apple. Suiting up, going out there and pushing myself. Then coming home, stretching, hot shower, then enjoying a delicious breakfast. Long Runs on Saturdays just make me so freaking happy!

I wore my Lululemon leggings, a tank, Lululemon shirt, Reebok Sweatshirt, a vest, I brought a pair of gloved and wore my mitten gloves, compression socks, high black socks, neck warmer, my ear warmer and hat. I dressed really well for this run. I actually got really hot in the beginning and had to take off my gloves. Then when I started running in the shade I needed both pairs of gloves on. I did an out and back run so on the way back the wind picked up a little so I had to put my neck warmer back on.



Such an amazing run! I enjoyed every minute of it!!


I fell asleep around 9/9:30 Saturday night (up at my parent’s house) so I felt great waking up around 6:30. I woke up, enjoyed my coffee, Broiled S’mores Quest Bar, Apple and got ready for yoga. It was beginning to rain a little but didn’t seem like a big deal.

I walked outside took a step and WHAM, my legs went flying up, glasses flew off me, and I was on the ground screaming in pain. My dad ran outside (in bare feet) to help me and he fell on top of me! He had to crawl back on the porch, grab shoes, and come through the bushes to help me up. I literally was on the ground for a few minutes just crying and wincing in pain. My dad helped me walk through our bushes and got me inside. I turned ghost white and got sooo dizzy. My mom helped me to couch and I laid on my stomach. My parents got me ice and Aleve, and here I am hours later resting my damn booty and laying on my stomach.

Our driveway was just a pure sheet of ice and it just looked like water to me when I stepped on it. Sitting on it hurts, bending hurts, going to the bathroom hurts, ouch. I have a biggg bump on the top of my booty/lower back. 😦 What an unexpected injury. I am hoping that the rest and ice will help today but I am just going to have to play it by ear. I do have to say it is feeling better than it did this morning- but damn, this fall really knocked my on my a** (literally and figuratively).

To look at the glass half full: A. I’m glad I was at my parents and not alone in Hoboken, B. If I hadn’t fallen and drove my car I could have easily gotten in a car accident (there were accidents ALL over NJ), C. It isn’t an ankle or arm or anything, just a big ol’ booty bruise.

So my “active yoga rest day” literally turned into a rest day!

How are you surviving the ice?

Has anyone taken Body Pump 92, thoughts?

Has anyone taken Anti Gravity Yoga?


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