Weekly Workouts: Listening to your body

Hello everyone! I hope you have been enjoying the weekend!

Since we last spoke about my workouts, I was in painnnnnn. My fall on the ice was rough and I had to listen to my body and adapt. I am such a girl of routine but when you are hurt, your body needs to recover and although it’s hard to listen to it, you need to. So I adapted my workouts this week and did what I could. I definitely didn’t feel like I got the best workouts in but I did what I could and need to remind myself to be proud of that. Despite being injured I still was active while listening to my body.


On Monday I felt like I was hit by a truck, I was SO lucky to have the day off of work for MLK day so I could rest and take care of myself. I was sore from my neck to my ankles and my tail bone hurt badddd. I decided to go swimming to get in a workout that would be low impact and maybe help the soreness. I went swimming for 50 minutes and alternated between 10 laps of free style, 10 laps of pool running, and 10 laps of breast stroke. After that I sat in the whirlpool for 10 minutes to give my body some therapy.


After a day of work and going to my godson’s music class (SO much fun!!!) I was exhausted and really contemplated going home. But I decided to throw away the excuses and went swimming for 45 minutes doing theย 10 laps of free style, 10 laps of pool running, and 10 laps of breast stroke followed by another 10 minutes in the whirlpool. I was so glad I got a workout in!



I decided that I was finally feeling a little better to try out some lifting so I decided to just do upper body work: bis, tris, and shoulders. I managed to lift for about an hour. I tried to do some core work but only could manage planking because sitting on my bottom hurt wayyyy to bad for anything else.

After that I swam for 25 minutes until the annoying swim teachers kicked me out (they are not supposed to do that) and then sat in the whirlpool for 10 minutes.

On Wednesday I also added the Brooklyn Half to my list!! I loved this race so much last year, I’m not sure why but I just did and I can’t wait for it again!




I decided to give running a try! I did feel some pain but no surges of pain more of discomfort and soreness. I made myself run slowwwww and take it easy. It felt good to get in some miles, I cannot wait for all the pain to be gone for good!




I decided to go to Body Pump and Spin in the city. Surprisingly dead lifts, clean and presses and squats did not hurt at all! I lowered my weight a bit for squats but I was really okay for it! The only part that hurt was when I had to sit on the bench for chest presses and I had to modify the core work. Sitting directly on my tailbone does not feel good at all yet.

I also went to spin and the only time I felt kinda tender and sore was when we were out in three. However most of the ride was in the saddle so I was good!


Always SO sweaty after spin- I LOVE it!!


Since it snowed there was no way I was going to attempt a run outside. My Friday night teacher now teaches Body Pump and Spin in Hoboken! So I decided to make the trek to the uptown NYSC to take her Spin Class (I didn’t want to do Body Pump two days in a row).

She did the same ride as the night before but the club just got new Schwinn bikes so it was a much harder ride. They had monitors to see your watts and RPMs so you know how hard you are working. It was a great class (as always)!!!



Sunday’s plans are up in the air. I was supposed to run the Fred Lebow half but I have shower to go to in upstate NY and in hindsight my back may not let me run that far/there is no chance of PRing with my back, so it probably wasn’t worth it.ย 

I would like to try and wake up early and go for a run if it’s not too icy out. I would love to get in a long run but I gotta see how I feel. Gotta listen to my body, it’s hard but I have to do it!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Any great workouts you enjoyed this week?


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