Scenes from my Snow Day!

Hope you are all enjoying the weather! We were supposed to get a blizzard but the weather people were a tad off! The sun is shining and we maybe had 8ish inches of snow, if that! We had today off and a half day yesterday so it has been nice to relax and hang out with my family (I always stay with them during Snow Storms).

Here are some scenes from my day off!


Started the morning with coffee, an apple, and a PB&J Quest Bar.


Then headed to the Living Room to get my workout in! I downloaded a Tabata timer app and found this Tabata Workout! I also used Nut Butter Runner’s 300 Abs Circuit to finish! I made some modifications to exercises here and there because my silly tailbone aches sometimes.

My family had wayyyy too much milk so we realized that we needed to do something with all of it, so I made homemade rice pudding for the first time! I followed this recipe. 


Double boil the milk and rice.


The dry ingredients mixture and egg ingredients mixture.


Mix everything with the cooked rice.


Pour in a pan with raisins.


Fresh out the oven! (Then it had to be cooled in the fridge for a few hours).

IMG_8081 IMG_8079

Delicious!! Served with whipped cream (not for my Dad- he hates whipped cream) and cinnamon!! We totally had two helpings because it was so darn good! ::Brushes dirt off shoulder:: 😉

It was so funny, I went to Trader Joes on Sunday and I was talking to this woman and she was like why do we feel the need to bake and make all these things when it snows? It’s so true, I always bake or make some sort of dessert on a snow day because, well that’s just what you do! 🙂

If you had a snow day today what treats did you enjoy?


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