WIAW: Purple Sweet Potatoes and Tofu!

Happy WIAW everyone! Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week!


Due to the weather and some busy weekend plans I needed to get my food shopping done on Friday night in between a full work day and Body Pump and Spin in the city, so I made it work! I ran to Trader Joes super quick on my way home from work and grabbed the items I knew Shop Rite wouldn’t carry: bagged kale, cheaper bagged spinach, the balsamic dressing I like, pre-grilled chicken, and Greek Yogurt (cheaper at TJs than SR). Then at 9pm after a long workday and sweating it out in the city I drove to Shop Rite to get the rest of my weekend haul:


I sure am quite the catch- food shopping on Friday night, date me? 🙂

I really don’t love Shop Rite because it is def pricer than TJs, however they had some fun finds that TJs doesn’t have, so it was nice to switch it up a little this week!



Ezekial Bread is growing on me! I have been toasting it and I like it much better (I keep it in the freezer because otherwise it would go bad immediately since it’s very organic). PB&J Sandwich, a banana, Greek Yogurt with pumpkin butter and cinnamon with coffee on the side.


Post-Spin smoothie: banana, cocoa powder, greek yogurt, rolled oats, milk, chia seeds, topped with some Kashi Go Lean for a little crunchy texture.


Post Long Run Eggy Banana Oatmeal



Salads prepped this week: a whole tomato in each, cucumber, avocado, tofu (haha I will explain in the dinner section why I had it), TJs, grilled chicken, spinach, and the new fun find: purple sweet potatoes!! I have been laying off the carrots and sweet potatoes so I was super excited to try these!! PS My mom said my face is looking less orange and so are my hands! Woot!!


How cool right?!


Homemade healthier egg salad: two hard boiled eggs, mustard, tofu, and paprika. Served over a bed of spinach with TJs champagne pear vingrette, a side of broccoli, and the rest of a purple sweet potato with almond butter on it! Such a delicious and different lunch! I may need to buy tofu more often. 🙂


image3 image2

So here is the story on the tofu. Last weekend when I was dying on the couch after my fall, I watched a ton of cooking shows that day. I saw this recipe made and knew I was going to make it for dinner this week (with my twists on it).

It is supposed to be a cauliflower side dish but I decided to make it a main dish. I used garlic powder instead of garlic, a toasted end of my Ezekial bread since I didn’t have bread crumbs, and I didn’t use roasted red pepper flake because I don’t like spice and no sesame because I didn’t have any.

I made the sauce and used my mini blender to blend the pepper and tofu. I also added water so it would blend better.

Then I added it to the cauliflower that I roasted in the pan.


In another pan I cooked half an onion and ground turkey. Then I added the cauliflower mixture to it and cooked it all together.


I served it over Quinoa! SO delicious! It’s so fun to see recipes on TV and try them out on your own!


The rest of the meal prep haul: egg muffins, roasted brussel sprouts, roasted eggplant, and eggs for post-workout fuel.


Sunday Dinner at my parent’s house: ham, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts and kale.



Some fun tea finds at Shop Rite: Decaf Pomegranate Green Tea and Caramel Apple Dream- both are SO good. I love drinking tea, it’s such a great way to get in your water in a healthy way!


Orange, Rice Cake with PB and Dark Chocolate Chips. Such a good combination, it’s like a healthier Reese’s!


Orange, and one rice cake with cookie butter and the other with almond butter and jelly because I couldn’t make up my mind.


Orange and Chocolate Rice Cake with PB

IMG_8068 IMG_8034

My first time trying the PB&J Quest Bar. I never bought it because I didn’t know if I would be allergic to the jelly, but looking at the ingredients I realized I would be okay so I bought one! LOVED it! Def one of my favs!

IMG_8060 IMG_8045

How cute was this party favor at my friend’s shower? I totally made them that night!


Ants on a Log while relaxing on a Snowy evening!

Still working on my Arctic Zero post, but I have been enjoying some fun desserts with it!

That is a wrap for my WIAW! It’s so fun to change things up and try new ingredients!!

Do you like tofu? How do you eat it? 

Ever have purple sweet potatoes? 


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