Weekly Workouts: Long Runs!

Happy Sunday everyone! No worries- a whole Super Bowl Sunday recap will be coming up soon! Here is a wrap-up of all my workouts this week!


Since we left off I had planned to try and get in a long run on Sunday after the snow day last Saturday.


I was able to get in 10 stop and go miles. Ever since my fall I was very nervous about black ice and snow, so I was reallllly careful to walk over any icy/snowy spots. I was just thankful to be out running after my fall and experiencing this gorgeous sunrise.


Since I knew we were getting a snow storm and we had a half day, I headed to the gym for the 5am workout club!


Full Body Workout plus 15 minute HIIT workout on the elliptical.


We had a “blizzard” so I did an at home Tabata workout.




I went to gym again for the 5am workout club. My tailbone was really bothering me for some reason. I did a full body workout but had to make modifications to some of my plan due to the way my tailbone was feeling.

Later that day after work I thought going for a run would be a great idea since I missed it on Tuesday. Wellllll that wasn’t a great idea. My legs felt like BRICKS. I went 1.5 miles and turned home for 3 crappy miles in total. I was SO upset. Looking back, running after strength work in the morning isn’t such a great idea. 


Since my run was such a bust and I felt so horrible I realized that maybe I needed a rest day. So I called up my mom and got a mani and pedi instead!! It’s hard to listen to your body and rest, but I really felt like it was important. It was so nice to relax and spend some time with my mama! 🙂




Body Pump + Spin! Squats/lunges were not feeling so great for my tailbone. Spin was amazing, we did 4 rounds of tabata and I was a sweaty mess after (as always)!



Lester brought an entourage!! 🙂


Crazy cold windchill = move Long run to Sunday. So I went to yoga, which felt great for my tailbone!!



Long run with my friend!! Nice Sunday Half Marathon! Since my weekday runs have been lacking, I did struggle towards the end of this run. We did a keep a really great pace and I have to say, my tailbone strangely feels better. It’s almost like I stretched out the muscles there?! I was so happy to run with a friend. Running with friends = happy time. 🙂

I hope you all had some great workouts this week!


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