WIAW: The Best English Muffins Ever!

Happy WIAW everyone! Thanks to Jenn for the weekly link-up! Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating!


So I had seen on Instagram a bunch of people posting pics of these Banana Bread English Muffins. So when I was at Shop Rite with my mom I decided to buy them for us to try them out.


::Insert Picture of my pretty Post-Long Run Omelette with a Banana Bread English Muffin and Peanut Butter here because I was too ravenous and forgot to take a picture::

OMG These ARE SO. GOOD. So good that my mom and I went back to Shop Rite the next day and bought the last two packages that they have. AMAZING. BUY THEM.


Peanut Butter, Banana, Cocoa, Greek Yogurt Smoothie with Kashi Go Lean Crunchies on top. If you aren’t putting something crunchy on your smoothie, you’re doing it wrong. 😉


Post Snow Day Workout: Overnight oats with cinnamon and raisin and an apple with almond butter on the side.



Really random weekend lunch: kale, broccoli, egg salad made with cottage cheese and mustard, and a sweet potato with almond butter.


Salads prepped this week: Spinach, cucumber, tomato, habichuela beans, TJs grilled chicken, beets, and avocado with baked potatoes on the side.


IMG_8099 IMG_8100

Meal prepped this week: roasted egg plant, one pepper, half an onion, TJs Italian Chicken Sausage, a can of crushed tomatoes on top of TJs Basmati Rice


The Weekly Meal Prep Haul 🙂

image4 image5

Carbo-Loading for my long run the next day. Homemade croutons on top of homemade pea soup, crusty Italian bread, and a salad on the side.



Strawberries are cheap again! Strawberries and a rice cake with cookie butter.


A homemade Black and White Cookie with decaf coffee on the side 🙂


Super Bowl Sunday: Homemade Guac and Hummus

What was your favorite meal this week?

Favorite dessert you had this week? 


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