Weekly Workouts: upping the mileage!

Happy Sunday Readers! It’s time for a wrap-up of my great workouts this week! Just a side note- my long run last weekend like cured my tailbone. I am 95% healed and feeling great!!


It was ANOTHER snow day so I did my workout at home. 45 Minutes of Full Body Strength Training (I have a set of dumbbells at home), 30 Minutes of a Cardio Blast I found on Pinterest and a 300 Abs Circuit. Wooooot that Cardio Blast left me feeling sore, especially my calves. I did a ton of jumping jacks in the circuit and it was quite the workout!



My crew decided not to run again because of the black ice risk but I still wanted to try and get in some miles while it was light out. I went out around 4 and told myself even if I did 3 miles I would be good. I ended up doing 5.6 miles and felt awesome! I was happy to be feeling better (after my tailbone injury) and able to get in some decent miles for an afternoon run. My pace was pretty slow due to stop and go because of the ice and slush but it didn’t matter to me because I got in a run! 



It was 39 degrees so I decided back to back days of running just had to happen. I don’t love running back to back but in the winter I am all about being flexible. You have to “make it work” and if it’s 39 degrees, I run! I decided to do some “speed work” by doing a 2.5 mile warm up then 8 hill repeats then 2.5 mile cool down for a total of 6 miles.




Full body strength training at the gym!


My Happy Place: Pump + the best spin class as always!



I got up nice and early because I knew I had a lot to get done but I wanted to get in a long run. I was up by my parents so I drove to a park a few towns over that has perfect paths for a long run. For some reason the number in my head was 14, and 14 it was. Actually, 14.63 because I underestimated where my car was parked. My average pace was 9:45 which I felt really good about. I love how by mile 6/7/8 your just kind of coasting and in a groove. It can take a minute (a few miles haha) to get there, but I looooove that groove feeling. Just running, thinking and loving life. Towards mile 12 I was def starting to feel tired and was slowing down a bit. I did Gus at mile 5 and 10 but at around 12 I started thinking about my breakfast and warm shower haha. But I made it and felt awesome to get it in!!

image2 IMG_8233

Haha look at my frozen sweat on my forehead hahaha. (Post-run overnight oats in an empty almond butter jar YUM)!

After that it was a crazy day of food shopping meal prep and then an amazing night out with my mom (full post coming soon on that)!


75 Minite Vinyasa Yoga + Foam rolling followed by a delicious and fun brunch with my BFF! 

Mileage Total this week: 26.23! Slowly but surely increasing a bit! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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