Dinner + ARTeVINO night out with my Mama!!

This year for Christmas instead of buying my family members “things” I decided to buy “experiences” that we could share together. Since my mom is an artist (who loves her vino), I knew she would LOVE a night out at the ARTeVINO studio in Hoboken.

We drove down to Hoboken on Saturday evening (I didn’t want her to have to drive or take a train so I spent the night before at my parent’s house). We stopped at my apartment to drop some things off and my mom got to see my place again. (She had not been there since I moved in). It was nice to show her how I have it set up and for her just to see where I live!


All dolled up for our night out 😉

After that we cabbed it uptown to the Elysian Cafe which is one of my favorite restaurants in Hoboken. It’s got great French food and a cozy atmosphere. Since I had been there before we knew exactly what to order!


Selfie at Dinner

We split the Frisse Salad:


It has goat cheese and bacon in it- so good! I’m not sure what kind of lettuce it is, but it’s hearty and delicious.

Then we each got the Mussels Pomme Frites (Mussels w/ Fries) in the white wine sauce which also comes with garlic bread. The idea is to dip the mussels, fries and bread in the sauce and soak up all the delicousness.


Since it was our fun night out, dessert had to be ordered!


We got the Creme Brulee and the Chocolate Brownie Sundae and shared them! Both were SO good! I also got a caffeinated coffee to keep me awake after my busy busy day!! 🙂

Then we headed back to my apartment via cab so I could pick up my car and drive us to the studio since they have parking there.

We got settled in our seats, I got mama her vino (I have literally completely given up drinking, I can’t tell you the last time I had a drink??) and began tracing!

image2 image1

We did Van Gogh’s Night at the Cafe- super complicated!




Painting Selfie



image9 image8

Our finished products! My mom’s painting is on the left and mine is on the right!



With our masterpieces!! 🙂

This was a TOUGH painting and it was a 3 Hour class! We worked hard and had a great time!!

As I get older I really feel like I appreciate my parents more and more. They have worked so hard to give me such a great life and really cherish all the great times we have together. I had SO much fun just catching up and hanging out with my mom! I love her so much and I am so happy we could share a fun night out together!


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