WIAW: Homemade BBQ Sauce!

Happy WIAW everyone! Love being part of this weekly party! šŸ™‚




Meal Prepped: Spinach and Onion Egg Muffins


The obsession will live on: Banana Bread English Muffin w/ PB, a banana, and Greek yogurt with cinnamon and pumpkin butter.

image12 image11

Brunch from the Maywood Pancake House with my BFF after my yoga class! This was a new to me place and I loved it! The decor was cute, the prices were reasonable and the food was good! I got a Spinach, Feta and Tomato omelet with really yummy home fries on the side and a nice giant fruit salad! Love trying new places and catching up with friends šŸ™‚


Post Long Run: Banana Overnight Oats in an empty almond butter jar! I love “the prize” of finishing almond butter!



This week’s salad: cucumber, tomato, TJs grilled chicken, beets, avocado, cannellini beans, and spinach.


Random Long Run lunch day. In the midst of meal prepping I knew I needed to fuel myself. Even if I’m not fully hungry (for some reason when I am meal prepping- tasting, etc. I’m not always hungry) I still am sure to really refuel myself the rest of the day with lots of good nutrients to restore what was lost during the long run. Egg salad made with cottage cheese, kale, and a sweet potato with peanut butter.


A Big ‘Ol Salad: Broccoli, Tomatoes, Carrots, Lettuce, Almonds, Chickpeas, Raisins and Mandarin Orange Salad Dressing.


When I go for my long run I often create recipes in my head and plan out my food shopping list (haha when you have 2 + hours to think…). For some reason BBQ kept popping in my head. BBQ sauce can often be loaded with unknown ingredients and a ton of sugar so I decided to do some googling when I got home and found this simple recipe.Ā 


I didn’t even need 2 tbsps of honey and I eyeballed the salt, pepper and garlic powder (I did it more to taste rather than measuring).

Prior to that I had boiled some chicken breasts in water with half an onion and salt and pepper. After it cooled down I shredded it up with my hands. Then in a pan I combined the shredded chicken and BBQ sauce to mix it all together. It is SO good! I love that I know what ingredients are in the sauce and it isn’t overly loaded with sugar!



I made some TJs Basmati Rice and added TJs frozen peppers (a huge bag for only $1.99 already cut for you- such a good deal, especially when fresh peppers are 99 cents or more each) together as a side dish. That is my meal prep for this week (along with some roasted veggies).


Sunday Dinner at my parent’s house: Penne, Sausage, Homemade Sauce and I mixed in Spinach and Parmesan Cheese- SO good!


Looking back I was a snacky girl this week! I also realized that I really like to pair a fruit with my snacks. I guess it makes it feel more like a complete meal to me? Just my thang šŸ˜‰


Fruit salad and veggies at work (someone brought in a few platters as an act of kindness!)


Grapes plus Arctic Zero Orange Dream and Dark chocolate chips (such a good combo).


A homemade Black and White Cookie and Strawberries.


Broiled Quest S’mores Bar before yoga.


Rice Cakes with cookie butter and strawberries.


Someone at work made heart shaped brownies! So cute!!


An orange with Arctic Zero Vanilla Maple and Orange Dream with Dark Chocolate Chips

IMG_8276 IMG_8279

I also baked Meredith’s “Blueberry Loaded Blueberry Muffins” but since I am allergic to blueberries I swapped it for coconut yogurt and chocolate chips- such a delicious and healthy treat! I enjoyed one warm out of the oven and then later on I had some with PB on top and a side of strawberries! So good!


That’s a wrap up of my tasty eats this week!!

Have you ever made your own BBQ Sauce?

What is your favorite cuisine?Ā Such a hard answer, probably I would say Italian and Cuban!


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