Weekly Workouts Recap!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the weekend- I definitely have been! I have a week off and I am happy to live it to the fullest!

Let’s have a recap of this week’s workouts! Last Monday feels like months ago that’s how sloooooow this past week went.


Delayed opening (again) so at home workout again. 45 minutes of full body weightlifting (I have weights at my parent’s house) + 30 Minute Cardio Circuit + 300 Abs/Planking. I took advantage of the extra time that morning and got it done! Felt great to get to work knowing that I started my day with a workout!



4 miles with my group in Hoboken! I haven’t seen them in so long so it was great to run with friends! The songs were Taylor Swift themed and the girls wore red lipstick for the occasion!


The forecast for Thursday said snow, so I decided to get another run in just in case.Β 


7.16 Miles- felt really good to get a longer weekday distance. I really can’t worry about my pace in the winter. I am just lucky to get in the mileage. I think that our muscles are working extra hard when its frigid outside so ya gotta take what you can get. If my body feels 10:09 pace feels good, then that’s what I am doing.


Full Body Lifting at the gym. Got in some really good bicep work that left me sore for a few days!


My always favorite Body Pump + Spin. I will never get tired of this spin class. It is always SO challenging and so motivating!



It was 10 degrees out but I met up with two friends and we got a long run in! They are training for a March marathon so 12 was on their schedule and I couldn’t argue with that. 12 was a struggle in that weather. Our drinks froze, our sweat froze, and our faces froze. But we did it!!!!! I guess I can’t say that I can’t run when it’s cold out, now that I ran 12 miles in 10 degrees.Β 



I had 5 layers on top!!


Active Rest Day- 75 Minute Vinyasa Yoga. We used straps to really help stretch out the upper body- which was SO needed after my lifting that left me sore this week!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekly workouts! I am looking forward to a week off and just continuing my flexibility with this crappy & cold weather.



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