Treat Yourself Tuesday: A good Target Binge!

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is staying warm. Once again we had snow-ugh so over it! Anyway since it’s Tuesday and I’m off this week I decided to link up with Becky for Treat Yourself Tuesday!ย 


I didn’t go away this week so I am taking the time to catch up on cleaning, errands, different food/meals, trying fun and different workouts, and enjoying some “me time.”

One of my favorite stores ever is Target! I literally cannot go in there without spending $100, so I try to limit my trips there. I had some leftover gift cards from Christmas and needed to pick up some things for a few gifts I was buying so I decided to take a fun afternoon trip to Target! I grabbed a big cart and started at one end of the store and slowly made my way to the other. I wasn’t rushing to go anywhere so I did a ton of browsing and got a lot of great things!


Filled up cart!


I bought a storage container for more of my running gear. It’s currently just sitting on top of some other storage and I decided it would look much better tucked away.

I also got a pair of fun workout capris. I think they will be great to look cute at the gym or for spin!

Some fun baking needs: Whole Wheat Flour, Coconut Palm Sugar, Brown Sugar, and Dark Chocolate Chips (they are way better than semi-sweet chips).


I was able to utilize some of my storage containers that I got for Christmas!

I also got some Caramel Drizzle K-Cups! MMmmm

FullSizeRender image1

I also spotted these Love Grown Foods Power O’s that I have seen on a ton of blogs and instagram accounts. I decided to try some for an afternoon snack with milk and a banana. So delicious! They are made with different beans and have a great recognizable ingredient list as well as good nutrition facts! I don’t think I would have them as a whole meal, but they seem great for a night snack or topped on a smoothie!


I also spotted these Kodiak Cakes Protein Power Cakes! I always see these on blogs and instagram too. I love pancakes but never eat them because they never fill me up. I am excited to try these out!

I will also be treating myself to a spa manicure at The Fountain tomorrow to use a gift card I have had!



It’s so fun to treat yourself sometimes! I love how most of the things I treated myself are food related, guess that is where my priorities are ๐Ÿ˜‰

How have you treated yourself lately?



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