Friday Randomness

Happy Friday to those who have been working all week! For me, Friday came fast since I have been off all week-. I love that I have been able to post everyday this week! Unfortunately my staycation is coming to a close but I definitely have really enjoyed it. I have been productive and tried some new things! Quite a success!


I finally used a gift card that I had for over a year to get a relaxing spa manicure at The Fountain. This place isn’t your typical nail place, it’s a luxurious spa, so you feel more pampered and relaxed when getting a manicure there!

After I finished I was kind of hungry (that 3-4 hunger hour) and planned to get a latte and a granola bar at Barnes & Noble, but as I was walking over to B&N I spotted an Orange Leaf Fro-Yo. I had never tried Orange Leaf and I hadn’t had fro-yo in so long so I treated myself!


Vanilla & PB fro-yo with strawberries, kiwi, granola, chocolate covered raisins and a PB sauce. It was delicious (not like my fav 16 Handles), a little pricey, and they didn’t have any reese’s PB cup crumbles, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.


I have a TON of gift cards to B&N (hello, great teacher gift 😉 ) so I decided to explore and have some fun! I bought Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe book, I love her website so I decided this was a must! I found this Yoga book on sale for $10, so why not, and I got the latest copy of Runner’s World Magazine. I also used my Educator discount, so I got a great deal on my purchase! Hopefully I can try some at home yoga with my new book and I definitely want to try a recipe this weekend!


Post-run layout all the wet clothes. I had 5 layers on top yesterday!! Where is spring?


Towards the end of my speed work session I had this strange craving for chocolate milk. I think that when you are having a craving, you need to honor it because it’s your body’s way of telling you it needs something. I had this right when I got home while stretching: 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, frozen strawberries, and some drizzle of honey and agave nectar. So good and exactly what my body was craving (helps repair those muscles after a speed work session)!


I needed a case of water at Shop Rite so I naturally spent $20 on random things. I found Larabar’s Renola! I had won this over the summer and really liked it, but never found them in a store! Can’t wait to add them to some Greek Yogurt. Some tuna cans, tea, and onion, and oddly shaped purple sweet potato and a free sample of a mini Larabar that the RD at Shop Rite had in a basket. I have to admit, I have never tried a Larabar before- I will let you know how I like it!


I’ve been enjoying random meals this week since I had the time! Half an onion, ground turkey, some beans, and half a potato all sauteed together, with kale and roasted veggies on the side.


This morning (since it is 1 degree out) I wanted something warm but just oatmeal alone isn’t filling enough and I wasn’t in the mood for eggy oatmeal. So I decided to cook warm oatmeal and mix in greek yogurt, chia seeds, PB and a banana sliced. I really liked the combination! Creamy and filling and yummy!

Other than that I have been busy cleaning, getting some reading in, and enjoying my days off! Today I have Body Pump and Spin at night so no workouts this AM for me. I am going to get my food shopping and maybe even do my meal prep today since I have the time.

Tomorrow is a long solo run (in the cold) followed by brunch with a friend! Other than that another quiet weekend. I think it’s just too cold to do anything. That’s okay though because my March weekends are jammed packed with two races coming up, a wedding, and my make up class with my sister and my cooking class with my dad. So many great things to look forward to!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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