True Life: I went to Soul Cycle and didn’t like it

A friend of mine sent me an email to take a free Soul Cycle class and since I had off this week I figured why not. I wore my new capris for the occasion!


I headed to the Union Square studio, located in a pretty trendy area of Manhattan on 18th a little past 5th Ave.



As I walked in I was greeted with big hellos from all the girls at the front desk. I signed a “first time rider” release and was taken to the “locker room” by one of the girls. They kept asking if I needed to rent shoes and buy water, but I brought my own.


The locker room was in a very narrow hallway and the lockers have digital locks on them that you choose a code to use. (When I got out of my class, this hallway was super crowded with all the people for the next class, not easy to get to my locker).

The bathrooms/showers were nice and they had deodorant, face wash, hair ties, tampons, etc. available to use.

I then went back upstairs and waited for the studio to open. Once it did, I found my bike (they assign you a bike ahead of time) and adjusted the bike. There were plenty of assistants in there to help you with your bike as well as a body guard for some reason. (I swear he was watching me when I tried to sneak pictures haha).


Pre-ride selfie. 

The ride began and the room was totally dark, except for some candles and lights to illuminate the instructor’s face.


NOT that I am judging but I am stating a fact that the teacher wore a Lululemon one piece jumper. Not judging. Just saying…

Anyway. We started off immediately in 3 (where most of the ride was) and she had us put on a ton of resistance right away. Then all of the sudden she was doing these push-ups on the bike. Then there was bouncing side to side. Back to the push-ups. Then some bouncing back and forth. This continued for most of the class. Like I said, a ton of work in 3, not a lot in the saddle.

Then for a song we picked up these 1 lb. weights and did some bicep, tricep, shoulder and then some moves that I think weren’t working any muscle. Yes, 1 lb. weights. I should have picked up my water bottles, they would have been heavier.

Then we rode with our hands behind our backs.

Back to that side to side bouncing.

More push-ups.


I wish I was the genius that invented this place. If you can tell New Yorkers it’s trendy, they will be sold (and pay $35 a class).

Indoor cycling is a way to mimic outdoor cycling. You work on endurance, speed, power, and strength throughout the ride. I’ve never seen an outdoor cyclist do push-ups or ride with their hands behind their back.

Not to mention, are you really working your chest/shoulders when doing this on a bike? I’m not a professional, but isn’t a push-up meant to use your body weight and help work on core stabilization. I kind of think the push-up on a bike isn’t doing a thing, except making everyone look like an idiot?

So all in all, I hated Soul Cycle. Sorry I’m not trendy, sorry I don’t wear make-up to the gym, and sorry I do my push-ups on the ground.

If any New Yorker’s want a real cycling class take Melissa Morin’s classes at NYSC. There won’t be push-ups but you will great a real workout.


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