Weekly Workouts Recap: Trying some new things!

Happy Sunday everyone! I was supposed to go to yoga for my active rest day but that would require shoveling the driveway and that would require everyone in the family to be up now (I am at my parent’s house) so maybe some at home yoga will happen later.

I also woke up at like 4ish really hungry so I drank some water and fell asleep and had this dream about needing to eat but not being able to get food. So at 5ish I woke up had a a banana and water because I realized that dream was telling me something and then fell back asleep. I must not have ate enough yesterday after my long run! I am usually SO good about that but I think because of my later brunch plans and then I did some baking and cooking, I realized I skipped over lunch! Not good after a long run! So I woke up around 7ish and even before I had my coffee I had my fig smoothie that I made. It’s so amazing how your body speaks to you for what it needs! I ran 13.1 miles and it needed more food!!

Anyway, sorry for that tangent! I just think fueling is so important and interesting!


Full body workout + Spin class. The woman kept coming to my bike telling me to put my resistance down. I guess I’m used to working with heavier resistance from my Friday class, but I don’t know, it’s like let me do my thing lady!



It was super snowy but I woke up very early (even on my day off) and made it to the gym for a Les Mills Body Combat class. This was my first time trying it and I guess really it’s just kickboxing with a different name? It was a great class, I rarely take kickboxing so it was fun to switch it up!


After that I hit the weights for tris, bis, and shoulders. I listened to the playlist my friend made for our running group. Since it wasn’t a good day to meet up for our run she made a “virtual run with a virtual playlist” so everyone could join! It was such a great idea! But since I don’t run on the treadmill, I listened to the songs while lifting!


8 morning miles. I bundled up and got out there. I really wish I could always run in the morning. My legs are more refreshed, my belly isn’t filled with food, and I’m not exhausted from a day of teaching. Oh well, what can you do, we can’t always be on vacation. 🙂



I bundled up again and got out there for some speed work! I haven’t been doing much speed work at all so this was tough. I did a 1 mile warm up, followed by 3 miles of Fartleks, and a 1 mile cool down, 5 tough, but well worth it miles.


Thinking about this winter and lack of speed work, my thoughts on a PR in the NYC Half are kind of not there. If I can PR, awesome! But I don’t want to put that pressure on myself and I’m just trying to tell myself to go out there, enjoy a really cool race and be thankful that I had the opportunity to run it! I am very competitive with myself and I can be hard on myself, but I just keep telling myself that with this weather and my fall on my tailbone in January, that I am doing the best that I can to stay in running shape and that is all that matters! 🙂

Later on that day I went to the dreaded Soul Cycle class. So glad I worked out in the morning, I think the only reason I sweat was because the heat was blasting and there were candles lit. ::insert laughing crying emoji here::


A great Body Pump and REAL Spin class as always. We did a ladder ride, going down the ladder which meant we started the class with the longest song at 7 and a half minutes and finished the class with a 2 and a half minute song. There was some tabata thrown in there too (literally my favorite)!


I bundled up and headed out there for my long run! I saw 18 degrees and got excited because I thought it was warm- really, is that normal to think 18 degrees is warm? I kept getting hot then cold then hot. Taking off my gloves, putting them on, taking off my neck warmer, putting it on, adjusting everything was kind of annoying. Later on in the day I realized that I even got either a wind burn or frost bite on my cheeks and forehead because I have this rash type thing, ekk!


Other than that the run was great. My legs did feel heavy from pump & spin and I think just the cold weather makes the muscles heavier and harder to move. I took a quick walking break half way through when I had my Gu and then finished out strong. 13.1 miles done!


Rest day and shoveling- boo!

Back to the regular grind tomorrow. I had a really great week enjoying my staycation! Feeling nice and refreshed to get back to the regular routine!


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