WIAW: Meal prepping, baking and pizza!

Happy WIAW everyone! I don’t believe the link-up is going on today but I am all about keeping up with my WIAW posts! Who doesn’t love looking at food on a Wednesday? 😉

Let’s switch it up and start with some meal prep pics:



Green cabbage, TJs Chicken Apple Sausage, Mushrooms, an onion, and Red Wine Vinegar all braised together and served over rice for my dinner this week!

IMG_8484 IMG_8483


Salad this week: this chopped veggie mix, tomatoes, purple sweet potato chunks, TJs grilled chicken, beans, and avocado!


IMG_8485 IMG_8486 IMG_8477









Other meal prep: roasted eggplant, brussel sprouts and spinach/onion egg muffins

IMG_8482 IMG_8480 IMG_8479


Now onto some other great eats I have been enjoying!

image3 IMG_8481

Big salads for lunch!


Post long run veggie/mozz omelet and hash browns at the Hoboken Bar and Grill for brunch.

image2 IMG_8500

Fig Smoothie and Post Long Run milk/banana/pb/cocoa blended together for breakfast/re-fuel.

IMG_8510 image1

Homemade pizzas for dinner with the fam: Pear/Gorgonzola/Mozz/Walnuts/Caramelized onions/Proscuitto and the right one is the same except with dates.


My Dad and I made this awesome meatball stew for Sunday Dinner! It was SO good!


Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie Cookbook for dessert.


Dates with coconut peanut butter & an orange for dessert.


I got hungry for a snack on my drive home the other day and I had this KIND bar in my bag- it hit the spot! 😉

What was your favorite Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert item this week?



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