Weekly Workouts: Stay Present

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday! Just stopping in to do a recap of my weekly workouts! Tomorrow I will have the Washington Heights 5k Race Recap!



5am workout club for the win! 1 hour of full body strength training done in Supersets alternating between strength workouts and stabilization workouts for each body part. Followed by 15 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical, great way to start a Monday!


It was cold but I bundled up for my run anyway (group run was cancelled). My garmin was not locating a signal so I finally decided to try my Nike running app and just go. Well my mind was just not right. I was thinking of the billion things I had to get done when I was finished, I couldn’t look at my pace at all because I had my phone in my coat, and all my gear was bothering me. So with all that going on, naturally my form/pace was so out of whack. I kept having to stop because my ankle was killing me and I just felt awful. I managed 2.5 out and and then came back totaling 5 really crappy miles. Afterwards my lower back/hip was killing me which was something I had never felt before. Oh and my phone died halfway through the run! Just a terrible terrible run.



It was my sister’s birthday and it was 39 degrees out so I decided to run by my parent’s house before we went out to dinner. I figured the pain in my hip/back would just go away.

Nope. 3 miles of pain. I should have stopped right away but I was being a stubborn runner not listening to my body.

When I came home I was in SO much pain and the pain actually moved closer to the front/top of my quad. I took Aleve and used a heating pad on it but was in so much pain.


I wanted to go to the gym but the pain wasn’t gone yet so I decided to listen to my body and take a FULL rest day. The only thing I did was this hip flexor massage technique that I googled because I realized the pain that I was experiencing was definitely in my hip flexor. I rested the whole night and kept the heating pad on it too. 


The massage technique, rest, and heat totally helped because I felt a million times better! I even felt great enough to make it to my sweaty Friday night of pump and spin!


We did a summer themed ride and for 45 minutes we sweat like it was summer!!


I was super nervous to go out for a run but I decided I needed to try. If I felt any pain I told myself that I would just go back in. I decided to not look at my watch and just go on how I felt and boy did I feel amazing on this run! I took it nice and steady, took in the views and sun and just enjoyed myself for 12 miles. My mom gave me some advice- she said that I wasn’t present on my run on Tuesday and that is why I was all over the place and ended up hurting myself. I need to remind myself that I get to run, I don’t have to run and that I should be thankful for every opportunity and stay present. 


Staying present and loving life!


Plus necessary recovery.

That is a wrap up of my weekly workouts! Tomorrow is the Washington Heights 5k with my team! Can’t wait! 


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