Washington Heights 5K Race Recap: PR today!

Happy Sunday everyone! Yes, you read the title correct- a PR!!! After a crappy running week, an amazing long run, this was an awesome way to end the week and begin the month of March!

So let’s recap shall we?

I only had about 6 hours of sleep due to being out the night before (totally worth it though! 🙂 ). So I got up around 5:45 and did my morning race routine: shower (yes- that is weird but it’s my thang), coffee, Cookies & Cream Quest Bar, Apple and blog reading. Then I bundled up and packed a bag of an assortment of layers because the temps read about 19 but it was rising!

I actually stayed at my parent’s house the night before because it was a quicker commute from their house than from Hoboken. My Dad was SO awesome and drove me in!! He wanted to stay and watch the race but with all the parking issues it really wouldn’t have worked out.

I bumped into some people from my team, grabbed my bib, and we hung out in the Armory to stay warm. That was the nice thing about this race, having a place to wait before it begins.


It’s such a cool place!! I would love to run on this track one day!

Then we met up with the rest of the crew and I got my singlet so I could represent my team: NYInstarunners!!


I NEVER in a million years would have thought I would be on a running team!! So cool to be able to connect and know so many people. I remember going to this race all by my lonesome last year. Now I was able to say hi and cheer on so many people!!

We quickly went to baggage before the start. I took my 4 Gu Chomps then I headed to my corral. Even though it was a 5k, that has been my new little racing thing: having the Gu Chomps before. They give me a little burst of energy and cure that tiny hunger that I get since I had digested my protein bar and apple from earlier that morning.

Layers: one pair of pants, compressions socks, long socks, a tank, a tight long sleeve shirt, a light jacket, and my singlet, one pair of gloves, my ear warmer and hat. Not too many layers- it wasn’t so terrible out!

Before the race some of my teammates and I were questioning if we were gonna race or just run. Sometimes I am sure I want to race and the rest I just say I will see what happens. This was a “I will see what happens race.”

Mile 1- started off at a nice pace and felt great. It’s an out and back race, I was so excited to cheer on the fast runners (especially the ones on my team or the ones I knew)! We also had a big hill right away and I just said my mantra over and over Hills make us stronger. I saw that I ran my first mile at 9:22 and I told myself that I guess I was just running it.

Mile 2- I guess seeing that 9:22 kicked me into shape because I think I started to pick it up here. I started dodging more people and just felt strong. Towards the end of mile 2 I had to take my hat off because I was sweating so much! I then saw that my split was 8:44 and I said okkk now I am racing.

Mile 3- I just went for it. I said hey, maybe I can PR maybe I can’t but let me do this. I felt strong, I passed people and I just kept moving forward. Last split: 8:20

Official Time: 27:34!!! My last PR was 27:53! I also ran this race last year in 32:49! BIG difference!

After the race I met up with the crew for more pictures and decided to head home! I had a ton of stuff to get done and they were getting brunch a good 15 blocks away from where I had to go to grab a bus so I decided to head home.

I cannot believe I PRed! So unexpected! I LOVED repping my team and wearing our awesome singlets! It was such a great day!!



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