Weekly Workouts: I ran in the snow!

Hope you all are enjoying the weekend! Here is my round-up of my great workouts this week!


More snow, another delayed opening which meant at home workout at my parent’s house to take advantage of the extra hours in the morning. 


Full Body Strength Training + Cardio Circuit


My friend and I really wanted to run after work even though it was snowing. So we geared up an did it!


4 miles of therapy in the snow, just what the doctor ordered 🙂


I was planning to go to the gym after work because I heard it was going to be really rainy and nasty, but when I got out of work it was 45 degrees and just very overcast, no rain. So I decided to run (by my parent’s because I always stay by them when the weather is bad) all the hills! 


It felt SO great to run in 45 degree weather and weird at the same time to not be so bundled up. I didn’t worry about my pace, just conquered the hills and enjoyed the warm temps.


Another SNOW DAY! Ugh! I mean I enjoyed having the day off but I am SO over the snow!


I rocked my cute outfit 😉 and started with some awesome strength training, followed by a great cardio circuit and a 300 Abs workout! I miss the gym but I’m glad that I just “make it work” during this crappy weather.


Body Pump + you know, my favorite Spin class as always! The ride was broken into 3 parts, 9 songs total plus a warm up and cool down. Each part was by endurance, intervals and tabata. I just love how much of a sweat I work up and how hard I work during that class!



Long Run- 12 Miles. I didn’t want to do anymore than that because the NYC Half is next Sunday. I’m gonna do my best to take my runs nice and easy this week in prep for it! This run was great, it was stop and go due to slush/ice but I felt great. I had some random foot pain which I actually think was due to my sore calf muscles from my jump rope circuit on Thursday. 



I’m planning to head to a 75 Minute Vinyasa Yoga class to stretch out these muscles and hopefully get some good foam rolling in. Followed by brunch with my friend!

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


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