WIAW: I take a lot of pictures of my food

Happy WIAW everyone! Hope everyone has been enjoying a week of delicious food! Check out ALL the pictures of my tasty eats this week (there are quite a few haha).




Fage Greek Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries (yay for strawberries being cheap again!), a sliced banana with cinnamon, and a banana english muffin with PB!


I had the chance to catch up with one of my best friends over brunch at the Cheesecake Factory! They have a create your own omelet with 4 choices, which is quite a great deal! I got goat cheese, avocado, spinach and tomato. So good!



Post 12 Miler Protein Pancakes! I made these with Kodiak Cakes Protein mix with one egg and half a cup of milk. I added in Peanut Butter Chips and Dark Chocolate Chips, a banana, and topped it with almond butter and agave nectar! SO good! I just love how these fill you up, unlike regular pancakes!




Tried my Cocoa Coconut Renola with a banana, Fage Greek Yogurt and Almond Butter, nice morning breakfast!



A Big Salad: Lettuce, Carrots, Tomatoes, a potato, tuna, raisins, broccoli and blue cheese dressing.


Another Big Salad, Spinach, Potato, Beets, Tomatoes, Eggs, Avocado and String Beans.



Beef Stew and a side of sauteed spinach & onion at my parent’s house on a snowy evening.

IMG_8684 IMG_8685

Dinner at a Tavern/Bar with my parents. A salad, Veggie Wrap with Veggies, Mozz & Grilled Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries.

FullSizeRender IMG_8677 IMG_8673 IMG_8678



My meal prepped this week: Brown Rice & Quinoa Pasta, Two Bags of TJs Harvest Hodgepodge Frozen Veggie, Chicken cooked in Garlic Olive Oil and all mixed together with Parmesan cheese. Nice little Chicken Pasta Primavera!

IMG_8674 IMG_8675

Some other roasted veggies for meal prep.


IMG_8645 IMG_8648

I baked Meredith’s muffins, this time I put in some strawberry yogurt, frozen strawberry, white chocolate chips and chocolate chips. They were good but the first batch the tops were done but the inside wasn’t as much. I think the frozen strawberry or the white chocolate maybe made them very moist. They still tasted good, just not my best baking moment! It’s all good, we still enjoyed them. πŸ™‚


I found this gum at CVS and had to try it! Very good but totally loses it’s flavor in 4 seconds.


Cantaloupe, two rice cakes: one with PB & Chocolate Chips the other with Cookie Butter and White Chocolate Chips.


Rice Cake, Sliced Banana, Raisins, and Almond Butter




Sometimes a salad can be a snack right??? πŸ™‚



After dinner with my parents we saw an Uncle Louie G’s Italian Ice Shop and we decided to try it. I feel like Northern Jersey isn’t a big Italian Ice place, I’ve always grown up on Ice Cream. My first time having Italian ice was only a few years ago in Brooklyn at Uncle Louie Gs! So we went for it! I got the Chocolate Peanut Butter (naturally πŸ™‚ ) and it was delicious!




My energy balls and some grapes!

WOW can discuss how many pictures I have this week of my food? Haha #bloggerproblems

Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week!


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