Weekly Workouts: Warmer Weather!

Happy Saturday morning readers! I am currently lounging in my bed, eating some overnight oats and getting some things done before I enjoy my “rest day” of heading upstate for a wedding.

So let’s recap my weekly workouts!


I had a horrendous sleep Sunday night due to the time change and wasn’t sure I would make it for the 5am workout club. But I did and it felt awesome! Full Body Strength Training plus 15 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical.



Does anyone else get that weird forehead vein poppage after a workout? I always do!!


Finally my Hoboken running group was able to meet up! Even though it rained we still got in 4 nice and easy miles.



I wanted to run SO bad because it was 60 degrees, but with the NYC Half tomorrow, I didn’t want to run back to back days.

So I did some great full body strength training done in supersets!


I went to the NYC Half Expo (will recap that hopefully tomorrow!) and since I had a personal day the next day I decided to meet up with my team for their Thursday night run in Central Park. It’s so hard for me to come with work the next day because I get home at 9pm, and that is just SO late to eat dinner and what not. But with the next day off, I figured why not and I had a BLAST!

Me and another girl on the team stayed together and worked those hills of Central Park. We ended up keeping about an average 9:14 pace for the 6 mile loop and even had some sub 9 splits in there!


I cannot wait to be able to run with them in the summer! Everyone on the team is so motivating and awesome! I love that I found these amazing people!


Pump + Spin! Always a great workout! ALWAYS!



Rest Day- wedding time!


NYC Half!!!! I am SO pumped, the course is freaking amazing!! I am still up in the air about what to wear? Shorts? Pants? I just don’t know!

Have a great weekend! Can’t wait to recap the NYC Half!



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