Weekly Workouts: NYC Half Recovery

Hello readers! Hope you all enjoyed some great workouts this week! Here is a recap of my workouts this past week!


I woke up bright and early for the 5am workout club and sported my NYC Half Shirt. I was pretty sore from the day before so I decided to do only stability/core/recovery work. A lot of work with the Swiss Ball and BOSU Ball and my resistance band. I also did some good static stretching and foam rolling.




IMG_8851 IMG_8859

The Casual Tuesdays met up for a St. Patrick’s Day run! It was windyyy and cold but we got 4 miles of fun in! My friend did it up for us and bought shirts, glow bracelets, boas, and cupcakes for the fun! She is so awesome!! We were all pretty sore from the NYC Half so we took it easy and had fun!





This pic was from our half way dance break point!


I was sooo tired but hit up the gym anyway and felt so great afterwards. I did supersets for a full body strength workout!




7 miles with brick legs to get out that lactic acid that was still built up from the NYC Half. It felt good to get a run in during the daylight! I love how the sun is setting so much later now!



We had an early dismissal due to the snow storm but I really wanted to get to Hoboken so I could make it in the city to my Friday night classes. Luckily, the snow wasn’t so bad when we got out of work so I made it to Hoboken. I always love a sweaty Friday night of pump and spin!


I so badly wanted to have my Long Run Saturday. I just love waking up, enjoying some coffee and then heading out for a long run. But Mother Nature had other plans and boy was it icy and slushy. I decided it would be smart to postpone my run for Sunday, so I did some early morning food shopping and then made it to the 10am Hatha Yoga class at the uptown gym. Looking back, my body needed the rest. I didn’t rest at all from the NYC Half and I think my body was thanking me for the yoga.



I drove up to my parent’s house after a fun night out in the city Saturday night, so I could wake up and do a long run with my friend. We busted out 12 awesome miles and enjoyed the morning. Running with friends = better than running alone. Haha I remember when I first started running the idea of running with others and running without music was unheard of to me. People change I guess. 🙂 I love running with my friend from work, we are similar paces and run really well together. Plus we find a million things to talk about and the time flies by!



PS Why is it March and I still have to layer up? I want to wear shorts!!!


And that is a wrap up of my weekly workouts! Stay tuned for some fun and different posts this week!


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