Randomness Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! I have been on my blog game this week! Hope you are enjoying the different posts! Since WIAW is getting more serious with the moderation and they aren’t happy with me posting about a bunch of food I enjoyed over the week, I decided to share some of my randomness on a Thursday and will try and do a real WIAW post if I can!

Here it goes:

I had this Chia Bar for months (I got it at fitness event) and I never tried it. I was a tiny bit hungry before my 7 miler even after I had a Quest Bar and apple about an hour before, so I decided this would be some good fuel. It was! I need to find these! They had them at the NYC Half Expo and I had a Peanut Butter one, which was delicious!

IMG_8867 IMG_8866


Obsessed with this gum:




A weekend Lunch: Kale, a Broccoli and Parmesan Omelet and a Sweet Potato with almond butter.




A pre-yoga snack, A Smart Bar & and Apple:


image4 image5


This past week all I have wanted is peanut butter and chocolate, so rice cakes with pb and dark chocolate chips has been my go-to, here with a side of mango:




An Arctic Zero Creation: Coconut, Fresh Strawberries, Dark Chocolate Chips, Love Grown Foods Power O’s, and coconut peanut butter:




It was a co-worker’s birthday, soft cookie cake for the win:




I had a huge craving for my fig smoothie, so I made one for breakfast:








On my walk to the subway before my makeup lesson I wanted a snack to hold me over before dinner, so a Mango and Peach smoothie from Cafe Bene in Hoboken did the trick:




I got free Quest Peanut Butter Protein Powder with my Quest Bar Package, haven’t tried it yet, not a huge protein powder person. Guess I’ll make a smoothie or something with it.




And that is my random Thursday things! Of course all about the food!

Tell me something random for your Thursday!

Have you tried the new Quest Protein Powder?


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