Weekly Workouts: Rest when you need it

Happy Monday everyone! How about another round up of my workouts this week?


5 am workout club for the win! I feel bad that I stopped going to that Monday evening spin class, but this has been working for me. We have meetings until about 4 on Mondays so I hate having to rush out to get to the gym, fit in strength training then be ready for the 5:30 spin class (that just wasn’t terribly exciting anyway). The man is so nice but 5am has been working for me and getting to go home straight after work on a Monday is nice.



Bed at 8pm. Yup. I skipped my group run to sleep. From the moment I woke up I was tired and when I got home I knew that my body just wasn’t ready to run. I did get 9 hours of sleep, which felt amazing.


On my drive to work I kinda had a panic/anxiety attack, tight chest, crying, etc. I have been very stressed lately and with the exhaustion from the day before, it all just came out. I decided to go for a run that evening to let some of that stress out. I also took a mini social media break and rested after the run (no work, no computer, iPhone) and just “be.”


8 Chilly and wet miles. My legs were DEAD the first half and then I picked up the pace and finished strong. I don’t know what it is but my legs have been hating on me during the week. Maybe it’s because I have been on my feet all day? Not sure, but my legs feel fine on Saturday morning runs. I wish I could run in the morning during the week. Oh and you know what else was weird? When I took my phone out of my SpiBelt, I had a crack in it! So annoying and weird. Oh well, sorry iPhone, you will have to live with that crack until it’s time for an upgrade.


Full Body Workout at the Gym, felt great to do some bicep work!


Body Pump 93 plus sweaty spin! I had no idea that they were releasing a new Body Pump so it was a nice surprise. I also just happened to wear my Eat, Sleep, Pump, Repeat tank and my BFF finally came back to class!! It was a great class, very tough and I was nice and sore the next day, so it was awesome!




To me, going for a long run is literally the most relaxing part of my week. I may sound crazy, but it is just total “me” time to zone out and just run. I decided to venture out further to Liberty State Park and I’m glad I did. I saw some really cool views, an old building that may have been part of Ellis Island and a gorgeous 9/11 Memorial.

IMG_9003 IMG_8992

14 awesome miles of therapy and relaxation.


75 minute Vinyasa Yoga plus foam rolling to stretch out all those muscles.

I’m really glad I took the rest day on Tuesday because the rest of the week I was able to enjoy some great workouts. It is hard to listen to your body vs. your brain, but it is important to do it!


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