Dark Chocolate and Cherry Scuffins!

Last week I was craving cherries for some strange reason. So when I went to Trader Joes I picked up frozen cherries and dried cherries to satisfy my craving. I was brainstorming some baking ideas because baking on the weekends = my kind of fun. 🙂

Then I thought about the Healthy Irish Soda Bread Muffins that I made and decided that I could replace the raisins with dried cherries and add in dark chocolate. Since they aren’t Irish Soda Bread, not super sweet, but in the muffin shape, I decided to name them: Scuffins- Scones + Muffins!


*For the Full Recipe check out this link for details of steps and ingredients. To make my Scuffins, just replace the butter for applesauce (I used about half a cup- or use butter!), one package of Trader Joe’s Dried Cherries instead of raisins, and as much Dark Chocolate Chips as you want (because who measures the chocolate chips? 🙂 )


I first mixed the dry ingredients.


Then added the wet to the dry. I actually poured a little more buttermilk in at this point to make it more moist. *Note my dad said I should have added maybe a tablespoon or two of canola or vegetable oil or maybe coconut oil which could have made them more moist (try it and let me know how it goes)!


They were delicious fresh out the oven! Keep them in a closed tight container. I suggest toasting them or putting them in the microwave before enjoying again.

I also suggest toasting them and smearing Nutella all over them 🙂 :




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