WIAW: A Typical Weekday

Happy WIAW everyone! Today I am sharing what a typical weekday (Thursday) of eats looks like in my world! Be sure to check out what everyone else is eating this week!



5:30ish after my shower at 5:15. Coffee, a Fig smoothie topped with Kashi Go Lean, Water, and B12 and Folic Acid (vitamins that my doc recommended I take).

Mid-Morning Snack

9:00/10:00. Usually during my prep I have Cottage Cheese with some sort of fruit mixed in. Since I had the fig smoothie for breakfast I decided to have my daily banana for snack.


Just a little ripe haha


We eat lunch at 10:50 am, yes it’s early but I am so conditioned to it I really don’t mind it at all.


Prepped Salad- Veggie 8 mix, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado,  and TJ’s grilled chicken, sweet potato on the side, and Trader Joe’s Balsamic Dressing.

After School/Pre-Workout Snack

3:00: PB&J Quest Bar and an Apple


Post Workout Snack


5:00ish- Hard Boiled egg to hold me over on the trafficy drive home (it took me an hour and a half that day- fun times).


After a very long and traffic filled ride home dinner was needed.



6:45ish- Kale sauteed with oil, cinnamon, and raisins. Then the rest is pre-prepped: Roasted broccoli, roasted brussel sprouts, Chicken Sausage, Rice, Spinach, Onion and Parmesan Cheese.

Night Snack


8:ooish- I finished up the rest of my cut-up fresh strawberries and my last two Double Chocolate Banana Bread bars smeared with peanut butter.

So that is what a typical day looks like in my world! Lots of great prepped food help me eat delicious and healthy!



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