Weekly Workouts!

Hello everyone! I hope you all enjoyed some great sweat sessions this week like I did! Here is a recap of my workouts this past week!




5 am workout club! Full body strength work plus 15 minutes HIIT on the elliptical. I have really been focusing on doing Supersets with a strength exercises followed by a stability exercise for each group (glutes, core, etc.). It is so important to continue to work on stability exercises to keep a strong core. Strong core = strong runner.



Our group run is official now at the Hoboken Running Store!! It was just 3 of us because it was COLD and RAINY, but we got in 4 miles with our dance break halfway through! Always a great time! 🙂



Selfie while foam rolling

Another great full body workout after work.



Since I had off on Friday (for Good Friday) I decided to head into the city to meet up with the team! I can’t go when I have work the next day because I usually get home after 9 then have to eat dinner and then I am in bed way too late. So when I have off I like to take advantage meet up with everyone. Since it was in the 60s (hello shortssss!!!) we decided to change it up and run on a path by the Westside Highway. I have never run this path before so it was really fun and pretty! I am def going to use it for a training run over the summer!

I ran with this one guy who runs a 3:00ish marathon and was “taking it easy” so I ended up running very fast. I always get in such a great workout when I meet up with them in the city. I always say that it is my speed work for the week!



Body Pump + Spin!



I headed up to my parent’s house after spin on Friday night, so I could wake up and run by them and then bake for Easter. I had 13.1 in my head so 13.1 it was! It was REALLY windy like 20+ mph gusts and supposed to be cloudy and in the 50s so I wore my standard long run uniform lol, my red LuluLemon pants, LuluLemon Shirt and Jacket and I even brought my ear warmer and gloves.

Of course a mile in I started to regret the jacket. The gloves and ear warmer came off and then by mile 2ish I decided to ditch the jacket and hide it behind a tree. The wind gusts felt nice actually and I was working. The sun also decided to come out which felt great! All of my splits were under 10:00, so by mile 12 I was getting tired. I worked it and felt so good to have a strong, long run!


Total Rest Day to celebrate Easter with my fam! Relaxing and lots of eating! 🙂


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