Recent Eats and Pics from this past week!

Happy Friday everyone! I am here to share some recent eats and other random pics from this past week!

I bought a new to me flavor of Arctic Zero: Hint of Mint. It was SO good right out of the container! A yummy combo of mint and chocolate!

IMG_9051 IMG_9052


Sometimes for breakfast and old fashioned PB&J is what you want:




I am not a fan of any crunchy nut butter but my mom only had crunchy almond butter so I put it on my banana after my long run and I have to say, it was heavenly:




Another Post Long Run Treat. My sister saved me her Cookie Butter jar. Overnight oats for the win! 1/2 Cup Rolled Oats, Milk, 1 Fage Greek Yogurt, Cinnamon, some frozen Cherries, and Chia Seeds all mixed up. SUCH a good combination!


image1 image2


Found these new tea flavors at Shop Rite. So good! I drink tea twice a day at work, once in the morning and once in the afternoon because my room is always so cold and this helps. Plus it’s such a great way to stay hydrated!




Greek Take Out Food before the Easter Vigil with my family on Saturday Night. A big Greek Salad with grilled chicken, we shared the pitas and hummus as well as a really yummy grilled octopus.




Pretty Flowers that my mom bought:




Pretty easter eggs:




That is my randomness for this Friday! Have a great weekend everyone!


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