Weekly Workouts: Resting the ankle

Hello everyone! I am recapping my workouts a little early this week because I had a 5k today, which I will do a full recap on and Sunday I have breakfast plans with a friend so I think I’m gonna make it a full rest day!

As I mentioned last week I was having a flare-up of my compartment syndrome so I made this week a rest week of running. It was tough mentally, but I know my body needs it. My ankle was not feeling great until Thursday, so I am still pretty worried. I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and hoping for good news.

Anyway, let’s recap this week!



5 am workout club, Full Body Strength Training plus some HIIT on the elliptical.



50 Minute Swim. This man told me that I was inspiring 🙂 It made me realize how much endurance I have because of running.


Full Body Strength Training at the Gym


We had a field trip where we went on a gorgeous half mile hike:


After work I was soooo tired from the field trip but I sucked it up and went to the gym anyway. Since Thursday is normally a running day I decided to do cardio at the gym. I cannot stand being on an elliptical for more than 15-20 minutes, so I decided to do about 15 minutes on 4 different machines to get in an hour of cardio. I ended my last station on the spin bike and attempted the ladder drill that we did last week in spin class. I was soaked in sweat after my hour, so it was definitely a productive time!




Body Pump + Spin for a fun Friday night of sweat to kick off my Spring Break!


5k- Recap will be up soon!


Gonna take it easy and make it a rest day!


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