River Edge Run 5k Recap!

Another PR in the books and with a bad ankle (bad Andrea, oops…)!

Let’s recap the whole thing, shall we?

I woke up of course around 6am because I wake up everyday at 5:15 so 6, is sleeping late in my life. The race didn’t start until 10am and since I couldn’t add miles to it due to my ankle I decided to blog, coffee, and eat a real breakfast. Normally before a race it’s a Quest Bar and an apple but being that I had many hours to digest, I decided to go for the good and nutritious stuff! Greek Yogurt with cinnamon and strawberries, apple slices, and toast with almond butter and jelly.


After hanging out I showered (yes, I have to shower before a race, I’m weird) and got ready!

I did a ton of dynamic stretches and really warmed up my ankle.

The start line was about 3/4ths of a mile away from my parent’s house, so I decided to run there to warm up. Another different thing for me with this race, I usually don’t run as a warm up but maybe I should consider it again.

I took the warm up nice and slow and assessed my ankle. It felt more tight and like unused since it hadn’t been run on all week, so I decided that I would be okay to run the race (but not race the race- haha, yea Andrea, sureeee).

I got my bib and bright yellow race shirt. They even had a bag check which I thought was so awesome for my tiny little town’s race. πŸ™‚

I met up with my Mama who walked over to the start because she was doing the Health Walk! (Side note: my mom is doing SO amazing! She has begun working out over the past few months, she has a trainer, she lifts weights, does cardio all with a bad case of Rhuematoid Arthritis- I am so proud of her!!) We hung out for a bit, got her bib and then they called everyone to the start.

So I had every intention not to go all out. But who am I kidding, in a race, I race. I really need to work on that.

First mile, I saw my watch: 8:15, I was like ohhhhh boyyy. I backed off though because I knew there was no way I could maintain that pace. (also- my ankle did not hurt at all while running).

The next mile was HOT, I haven’t run in 80 degree weather since the summer! There was a long standing hill too, which I repeated my mantra,Β Hills Make Us Stronger.

The last mile I picked up the pace a little more and just went for it.

Official Time: 26:46:20!!




After that I waited around for my mama, (who finished the Health Walk in 1 hour and 11 minutes)! Go mama!!! πŸ™‚


When I checked my official posting I noticed that it had said that I was 3rd in my age group. I wasn’t really sure what that meant but we decided to wait around as they called out the winners.

I WON 3RD IN MY AGE GROUP! I was sooo excited to actually place!! I have come a long way!! πŸ™‚


My medal:

IMG_9334 image1

Afterwards my ankle was hurtingggggg. (It still is.) I should not have run that fast but it feels so cool to have placed and PR!

After that my my family and I grabbed some brunch/lunch to refuel:

image3Β image2

Veggie & Chicken Quesadilla and a Side Salad- yummy goodness, hit the spot! It was fun to celebrate me and my mama!! πŸ™‚

Doctor’s appointment is Tuesday, prayers that it is nothing serious, sigh, we will see…


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