Week Off Meal Prep!

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! Thank you to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for the weekly link-up!


I am SUPER excited to have this week off! I am going to get together with friends (which I did this weekend too), get in some great morning workouts, and enjoy meals out and at home. Whenever I have a week off my prep doesn’t look like regular meal prep. I just get some staples together and then can be creative during the week. I also have dinner plans out a few nights too, so to make full meals for this week isn’t worth it. It’s good to have some staples prepped and I can go from there!


Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Roasted Eggplant.


2 lbs. of strawberries for snacks, breakfast, etc.


Grilled chicken, sliced cucumbers, sliced avocado, chickpeas drained, and then I did make a salad and sweet potato for my CPR class that I am taking all day tomorrow.


I also prepped a big Green Smoothie for tomorrow to have after the gym tomorrow morning. Spinach, a very ripe banana, strawberries, Greek yogurt, rolled oats and chia seeds.

I also bought the usual: bananas, apples, yogurt, TJs veggie 8 mix, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, and kale to have on hand throughout the week.

That’s a wrap up of my quick (and cheaper) meal prep this week! Looking forward to some meals out and being creative during the week as well!



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