Tuesday Happenings: Ankle Update

Hello Readers! I am loving these live updates! Let’s recap my day (without food pics, I’m saving them for WIAW).

This morning I headed to a spin class at the gym that I went to yesterday.

Prior to the class I did a plank workout from my new book! I am so excited to keep trying different plank workouts!


After my plank work I headed into the class. The instructor was super energetic and it was a nice and sweaty ride. It’s not the same as Friday nights but it was good to try someone new anyway! I really wish all spin instructors told you how the ride would go in the beginning rather than just steering you along. I love knowing how hard I am going to work for how long in each part, song, etc. But it’s all good, I still got in a great workout.



After that…dun, dun, dun. It was finally time to head to my Sport’s Medicine Doc:


So right now, he thinks it is some tendonitis/compartment “fullness” rather than full blown syndrome. He gave me some massage techniques for my peroneal nerve. He also thinks I need to work on a cool down after I run, like walk off rather than just head inside for stretching and foam rolling. He explained that it is like breaking a car immediately rather than slowing it down. He said to give it 2 weeks and if it isn’t better we will try an MRI because it could be a stress fracture. If it’s not a stress fracture then we will try the pressure testing for compartment syndrome. I am hoping it’s just this tendonitis but I’m not fully convinced.

I may try and run tomorrow before my Body Pump class but we will see. If not, I am definitely going to run Thursday morning.

Sigh, I guess I just don’t like that my ankle doesn’t feel great. I would like the pain to go away completely. I also want to figure this whole thing out before July (aka marathon training).

After the Doc I met up with a friend for lunch, ran some more errands and came back to my apartment. I started working on switching over to my spring/summer clothes, but I have more work to do tomorrow. I love getting in a full spring cleaning!

Stay tuned for WIAW tomorrow and I will be sure to update about my run at some point too!


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