Happy Friday (sort of) and ankle update!

Happy Friday to those who had a work week. For me it means my break is almost over 😦 Let’s do some recapping shall we?

Since running isn’t an option right now I took another spin class at that NYSC closer to my parent’s house yesterday morning. Again, it wasn’t Friday night but it got the job done.


She played this awesome song that I bought right after class and have been currently song killing.


After that I fueled up with some random breakfast. I wanted scrambled eggs and from there came my breakfast:


Later that day my mama and I grabbed a delicious lunch and went shopping (I am going to feature all of this for Treat Yourself Tuesday next week!).

This morning I woke up and recreated that Diner breakfast I had last week:


I need to buy these Nature Valley Crunch bars asap.

Then I went to a new doctor! My last doctor completely blew me off, didn’t answer any of my phone calls so I decided to try someone new. He is a Sports Medicine/Orthopedic Surgeon, so he seems more legit.

At the appointment they immediately took an X-ray of my ankle. The doctor really asked great questions and really seemed to evaluate me.

So right now, he ruled out that I even have compartment syndrome. He said he sees it about once a year and I don’t really have any symptoms of it. He wasn’t really sure why I was told I had it.

He prescribed me an MRI because he wants to rule out a stress fracture as that is more common. Sometimes X-rays don’t show stress fractures and MRIs do, so he wants to check that out. I can’t get one until next week because Insurance companies need about 72 hours to have it cleared.

So right now, no running and just waiting. I honestly don’t even want to run right now because of that pain I felt when trying to run yesterday. It just isn’t fun to run with pain.

I’m gonna spin, swim and lift because those things don’t hurt and just wait and see.


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