Meal Prep: Mexican Themed!

Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry for the lack of posting this past week. I am back to the daily grind after a great spring break so it’s harder to blog during the week. Just want to thank everyone for reading my blog! I’ve gotten some great emails and comments from readers and it makes me so happy to know that people enjoy reading this little blog that I have here! 🙂

So let’s recap my meal prep that I did yesterday! Thanks to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their link-up each week!




Butternut Squash sauteed in cinnamon and coconut oil. I am back on my butternut squash kick, I need a little break from the egg muffins, I think I had them too much 🙂 Haha I always do that, eat the same thing over and over and then need a break!


Hard Boiled Eggs



Salad this week: Cucumber, Chickpeas, Beets, Tomatoes, Avocado, TJs Veggie 8 Mix and TJs Grilled Chicken.

I have gotten a bunch of questions about my salad prep! These containers are from a store in New Jersey called Corrado’s.  It’s a great store with a lot of discounted food and some cool and different items. Their produce isn’t amazing because it goes bad pretty quickly. But they have some other great deals in the store. They sell these restaurant plastic containers there for super cheap. My family buys them and I borrow from them. They have the size that I put my salads in, half that size and even mini size. There are SO many in a pack, so you can throw them away when you are done or I like to wash and reuse and once they get icky I throw them away. Since most of you may not live in New Jersey, I suggest trying a local restaurant supply store, they would definitely sell them there! I love these because they hold just the right amount of salad, and I can stack the ingredients so things don’t get soggy.

As for the avocado, it does turn brown by the end of the week. It doesn’t really bother me, but just a heads up for those who are thinking about prepping salads with avocado.


I also prepped some white potatoes as my carb. Decided to skip on sweet potatoes since I am having butternut squash and roasted carrots this week. Don’t wanna overdo it on the orange food again. 🙂


Last week I went out for Mexican with my family and I had this really yummy Spinach and Tomato Quesadilla so I decided to recreate it!


I bought chicken, whole wheat wraps, shredded mozzarella, a can of tomatoes, frozen spinach and some guacamole and Greek yogurt to top them with. I did not make the actual quesadillas ahead of time, however I prepped what I will put inside them this week. Also since I didn’t prep them, I may even turn the tortilla into chips one night and make it a nacho platter!

For the chicken I bought TJs chicken breast that is in the bag and not cut up. Super cheap for the amount of chicken you get.

Then I threw it in a pot with water and salt and pepper and let it boil for about 40 minutes (I like to overcook my chicken because it scares me for it to be underdone haha).


Then I let it cool on a plate. Once it was cooled, with my hands I shredded it.


After that I stuck it in a pan with olive oil, frozen spinach and a can of diced tomatoes.


Let it simmer away on low for a little and voila:


Shredded chicken, spinach and tomatoes ready for quesadillas a nachos this week!

I also roasted some carrots and Brussel sprouts as sides:

IMG_9537 IMG_9535



Two pounds of fresh strawberries, washed and chopped!

What is on your meal prep this week?

How do you prep your salads?



2 thoughts on “Meal Prep: Mexican Themed!

  1. Love a Mexican themed menu! I prep salads either like a salad bar with all the chopping done or individually leaving off anything wet until I’m ready to eat it.

    Thanks for linking up!

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