Weekly Workouts: Ankle Update

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend!

Ok- workout recap? Wow, last Monday feels like it was ages ago!



I found these great workouts already planned in the back of my fav book, the Women’s Health Fitness Book. It is the “Bikini Body Ready” Plan and they have circuit style strength workouts that change every 4 weeks. I’m not doing it to be “bikini” ready I just wanted to try out something different and the circuit style is so much fun!! Plus I felt sore after the workout, so I know that it was great to change it up for my body! This was part of the lovely 5am workout club!


No running, so I went to a spin class in Hoboken. Now I am a big believer in never quitting and finishing what you start (thanks Mama for instilling that in me). So I got in this spin class and the teacher’s energy was so dead. I told myself, okay maybe the music will be good. Nope. Then she just made us keep standing up and down for most of the ride. It was so horrible that at 30 minutes in I decided that this was my workout and I needed to get out of it what I wanted and staying in that class any longer wouldn’t be helping me. So I jumped off the bike and headed to the elliptical for 20 minutes of HIIT. I felt bad skipping out and at the same time I didn’t. The girl gets paid to have high energy and plan a great class, she didn’t do that, so it’s okay that I left.


After the elliptical.


I did that Circuit B from my book along with a plank workout from my new plank book and boy was it a workout! I was sweaty and sore and felt great. It incorporated strength training as well as some cardio with things like mountain climbers with Valslides.



The plan was to swim but that morning I unexpectedly got a call from my doctor that I was finally approved for an MRI! I think I may be the only person who gets excited for an MRI. Haha but I just want to know what is going on! The doctor requested for me to get an MRI on my lower leg as well so the whole process took an hour. I have an appointment with the doctor this afternoon to review the results. I will be sure to update as soon as I can!

In the meantime, I am trying to tell myself that the Brooklyn Half is out this year. It is in 2 weeks and I haven’t run in 3 weeks (except once for that 5k that I placed in). It may not even be smart to jump right into a distance like that after so much rest and injury. I am not totally saying it’s over, gonna make more decisions after I meet with the doctor. I have to remind myself that all these races are not as important as the marathon and that is what I need to be healthy for. It sucks to lose all that money but being healthy for July-November 1st is what matters.


A fun night of Pump and Spin! The ride was great as usual!


Oh and I had posted this selfie on Instagram and then look at what Les Mills did:


They featured me on their Instagram!! How cool right?!!



Round 2 of Pump (55 version, boy is the bicep track harddddd) and Spin! Same ride but on a Schwinn Bike so it’s a totally different workout because you are looking at the RPMs and Wattage.

I miss Long Run Saturday so much, but I know that once it is back I will be savoring it even more. I also think I am going to tone down Long Run Saturday from whenever I can run again until July. Try and keep the mileage maybe more like 7-10 miles? I think taking some time off of long distances will help my body be more strong and ready for marathon training. Maybe I will even alternate weekends and do Pump/Spin and run every other weekend? We shall see, my ankle and my doctor will decide.


75 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Class

That’s a wrap up of my workouts! Hopefully I will have some good news about the ankle!


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