WIAW: The Best Mexican Restaurant

Happy WIAW everyone!


For WIAW today I am sharing my eats from Saturday when I went out for dinner with my family to celebrate my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary!

Here is a recap of a day of great eats!

Pre-workout Fuel:


Apple with Ezekial Bread and Almond Butter and Jelly.

Then I headed to the Uptown NYSC and took Body Pump 55! After pump I had an Apples & Cinnamon Smart Bar to get in some more fuel before a sweaty spin class:


Always a great workout!



After Spin I headed home to enjoy a Green Smoothie made with spinach, a banana, pineapple, rolled oats, a Greek Yogurt and chia seeds topped with some Kashi Go Lean Crunch:


After some food shopping and in between meal prep I had some…



Super random quick lunch, two hard boiled eggs, broccoli and cauliflower with some parmesan cheese, kale sauteed with cinnamon and raisin and half a sweet potato.

Later on that day I headed to my parent’s house to go out and celebrate my parent’s 38th wedding anniversary!


My sister and I before dinner.


We headed up to Spring Valley, NY to El Bandido, a really delicious and fun Mexican restaurant.


When you sit down they immediately give you Salsa and Chips:


Then they bring you this tortilla and cheese thing:


And they also bring you some Nachos:


How awesome is it that they give you all this food for free!?

We decided to order some guacamole for an appetizer:


For my entree I got enchiladas with a mole sauce:


I picked the raw onions off and the radishes. The enchiladas were delicious! I love mole sauce and refried beans, so good! I was STUFFED!

You don’t even need to order dessert because they bring this to you:


It’s like a fried banana thing with ice cream and whipped cream, perfect little sweet note to end the night.

It’s such a great restaurant! They also brought out free vanilla liquor that my family enjoyed, none for me :-). They even come to your table and sing fun songs! It’s such a fun and delicious restaurant! We had a great night celebrating!

What is your favorite Mexican food? For me, Guacamole and chips!


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