Friday Favs!

Happy Friday everyone! I always enjoy reading Julie over at Peanut Butter Finger’s Friday favorites each week! It’s a fun way to wrap up the week and focus some positive things from the week! So today I decided to share some of my favorites from this week!

Donating all these clothes after Spring Cleaning!


It felt so great o finally get rid of a ton of clothes that don’t fit anymore. I was holding onto them for fear of maybe gaining weight again but that’s what is so cool about my view on eating and exercise now. It’s fuel and training not diet and exercise! I love to eat healthy because it nourishes me and makes me feel awesome. I don’t see myself going back to not making healthy choices and not choosing to nourish myself in the best way possible.

Flavored Seltzer:


A yummy and bubbly treat!

Girl Scout’s Thin Mints Tea:



This was delicious! Pepperminty with a hint of cocoa. I drink tea like twice a day because my classroom is always very cold, even in the summer, so this is a fun treat for work!

Grilling Season and Watermelon:


My family and I enjoyed Shish Kebobs and grilled veggies and fresh watermelon for dessert. Summer/spring time just asks you to eat healthy with all the awesome things it has to offer (BBQs, veggies, fruit, yum!)!

Trying Steel Cut Oats for the first time!

FullSizeRender IMG_9581

I have read that Steel Cut oats are the best oats for you because they are less processed. I was surprised to see how grainy they were when I opened them up! I made Strawberry & Cinnamon overnight oats with them and it was different but yummy! They didn’t soften up too much but still had a good texture. I liked them though, just not the same as rolled oats. πŸ™‚

My Quesadillas for dinner this week!



Whole wheat wrap, shredded chicken, spinach, tomato and shredded mozzarella inside. Topped with Greek yogurt and guacamole. So yummy!!

Teacher Appreciation Day Gifts


I didn’t realize it was Teacher Appreciation Day and I got some really sweet cards, gorgeous flowers, movie tickets and chocolate covered strawberries! It was so sweet and unexpected!!

What are some of your favorite things from this week?





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