Meal Prep: Healthy Eggplant Parm

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mama’s out there! My sister and I have a special menu planned for tonight, I’m looking forward to doing some cooking for my mom!

Thanks again to Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers for their weekly meal-prep link-up!




Hard Boiled Eggs


Butternut Squash roasted in coconut oil and cinnamon.



Salads: Roman Beans, Cucumber, Beets, TJs Veggie 8 Mix, Avocado and TJs grilled chicken.


Nice size sweet potatoes for a side.


I went into the store with a plan to make like a cauliflower and tomato meat sauce but TJs didn’t have frozen cauliflower and I felt like using fresh wouldn’t give me the texture I wanted so I had to change my game plan.

I bought two eggplants, sliced and roasted them in the oven. Whenever I roast veggies I spray with olive oil spray and salt and pepper.


Then in another pan I cooked ground turkey and a can of diced tomatoes. I also cooked quinoa on the side.


Put it all together:


A healthier version of eggplant parm with meat in it! I still have shredded mozzarella that I used last week for my quesadillas so I’m going to sprinkle that on top before I heat it up! This was so easy to make. If you wanted a quick week-night meal to make, I would suggest doing this!


Roasted broccoli as a side dish.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts too.


TJs didn’t have my two pound strawberry package for sale and if I bought two 1 lb. packages they would have cost more than the 2 lb. So I opted for a grape medley that was the same price as a 2 lb. package. I realize I am debating over dollars and cents here but I’m not rolling in dough here so every penny counts in my world! πŸ™‚


All cleaned and stems removed for easy snacking!

That is a wrap up of my meal prep this week! I love meal prep time! It is about 2 hours of focusing on cooking and my mind really doesn’t wander. It’s nice to stay present at the task at hand and enjoy what you are doing at the same time!


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