Weekly Workouts!

Hello everyone! Hope you enjoyed the week! He is  a recap of my workouts this past week!



5am workout club, awesome Full Body Strength Circuit! Plus PT that afternoon.


I did a plank workout and then this 10 to 6 workout from Peanut Butter Runner! The jumping jacks and burpees were not the best decision for the ankle but I need fun and different workouts to get in cardio aside from sitting on the elliptical.


Then I headed to PT.


My legs were feeling pretty sore from my workouts plus the PT sessions so I decided to do a 30 minute Upper Body Strength Session plus a plank workout and a 30 minute swim.



I made my own variation of the “10 to 6” workout with different excercises except I went from 10 to 1! It was so fun doing a “reverse pyramid” workout. Then headed to another PT session. Trying to get strong!


Pump + Spin


Wet ponytail status



Round 2 of Pump and Spin for a Saturday morning win!


Total Rest Day! I went out on Saturday night and got home kinda late, so sleeping in and taking a rest day was in order!


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